Mar 13, 2012

London District 1: Notes From The Underground


London is very much like Brazil and Chicago. Go here for a review of all areas. This post will outline the jobs, ratios, and loot of District 1 which is called Notes From The Underground. The storyline is morbid and ends in tragedy. There are a total of 8 jobs with 4 levels.
As always, the design team does a great job with the art work. These are the 8 images and captions used for each job. The caption contest for the third job is still active [1].  I guess Zynga went with their own.
The job descriptions, payouts and requirements for each level are shown below.

You will notice that the "Do Job" button is no longer with us in London. The buttons are now actions that match the job descriptions. Claim, Fight and Collect describe other in game actions so I don't think I like this change.
As shown above, the energy requirements for this district aren’t that bad. The energy/experience ratios are a different story.
Job Mastery Bronze Silver GoldRuby
1 15 1.20 1.25 1.281.28
  2* 20 1.40 1.46 1.501.50
3 12 1.40 1.46 1.501.50
   4** 15 1.20 1.25 1.281.28
5 12 1.50 1.56 1.601.60
    6*** 12 1.33 1.38 1.431.42
7 15 1.29 1.34 1.381.37
    8*** 15 1.60 1.67 1.711.71

*Produces 1 Betting Slip per job **Produces 1 Energy Drink per job ***Requires 1 Betting Slip per job

When you master the first job on the Bronze Level, the first property called the Olympic Stadium will unlock.
Two consumables items can be made in District 1. The Betting Slip and the Energy Drink. At this time, we don’t know what Energy Drinks will be needed for. It’s possible it could be for future districts.
The Betting Slip is acquired by doing the second job “Fight Off The Thugs”.
The Energy Drink is acquired by doing the 4th job, “Persuade :The Kid” To Throw The Championship Fight”.
You will want to farm consumable items on the Bronze Level because you will use less energy. Use your Strategist/Lockpick bonuses and 2X Mastery boosts strategically and you won’t need as many consumable items. Betting Slips are required for two of the jobs in District 1.
The mastery percentages given per job are high so not many Betting Slips are required.

Job Mastery Betting Slip/Level Total
6 12% 9 36
8 15% 7 28
Grand Total 64

The equipment items needed for District 1 is shown below. Costs will vary depending on your Abelha Helicopter bonus from Brazil which reduces the price of City Store items.
To purchase equipment items, just click the “Buy” button which will appear before you start a new job. If you find these popups annoying, you can go buy all the required items in the London City Store.
There are a total of six loot items that drop from District 1 jobs. The drops rates are discussed below.
To determine if these loot items will help you, run the Show Worst Items Spocklet. Three of the items will improve my equipment score so I will stay on the Bronze Level and farm for a while.
d1loot3Use the Spockholm Item Analyzer to see how many of each item you need. For example, the Football Sjin Guards have a defense score of 117. From my Show Worst Items results, each one will improve my score +7. Looking at the Spockholm Item Analyzer, I can determine that I need 304 of them to replace all items with defense scores less than 117.
Once you master each level, you get a Streetfighter starts out with stats of 154/90 on the Bronze Level and improves to 214/120 on Ruby. The item has a special ability in that it grants you a 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% increase for required loot drops. The term “required loot drops” could mean anything. Drop studies are shown below and it does look like it increases the desirable loot. You can not add the Bronze, Silver and Gold starred item to your Family Properties.
I put the Streetfighter to the test and did 1,000 jobs on the Bronze Level without one and then did two runs on the Ruby Level. One before the Streefighter and one after. You will spend less energy for the loot items on the Bronze Level but the drop rate per job is higher on the Ruby Level (as is the energy required). The Streetfighter seems to do as it claims but more runs would be needed to say for sure. It’s best to determine what you need and stay on Bronze until you get it. Upon review of the loot available in the next 2 Districts, the items that help you could be replaced.
Bronze Level: No Streetfighterrepeatjobbronzed1Ruby Level: Gold StreetfighterrepeatjobrubynobonusRuby Level:  Ruby Streetfighterrepeatjobwithbonus

Stay tuned for the next installments of the London Series.
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  1. As usual loot lady you rock. Thx

  2. As always, many thanks dear! Below is my post to my mafia put 4 hours' ago, your readers may find this useful:

    How's London, folks? All done? ;p

    The city opened late at night for me, so this muse is gonna be a bit rough and ready and might be wrong in parts.

    3 districts, 3 properties, 3 collections, a bunch of new achievements. Bound to be more districts released later on. The collections get you 30 health, 25 attack, and 25 energy. Dunno if revaultable yet, would be great!

    Each mastery loot is super! Plus gives you bonuses, the first district gives you XX% more chance of loot dropping, so I'd finish that one first.

    The first job in each district unlocks the properties. The nightclube is like the workshop in Chicago, with one key difference - at level 10, the buidable loot is the Booby Hat, 117/62. Looks good for now; not sure for how long - not sure if it's still useful by the time we upgrade to level 10!

    Money will be a bitch. You will find yourself running short, so redo the jobs that give you consumables, especially at bronze level. Also fight in London! Not many folks are conscious of fighting, so fight and steal their money! One of the achievements is also to have a million pounds in the bank and another is to win 10,000 fights, so, it's really worth doing. No robbing yet, not enough players have properties.

    Xp ratios are appalling, best I can figure is around 1.7 at ruby level in the first district. Yes, I am at ruby there, but not the others. With this kind of xp ratios, I'd rather still go back to Brazil and level fast! No hurry to finish London, after all.

    But ... the loot's pretty good already though. Went up by over 300 points last night in attack, mainly due to the mastery loot, but also the cool job loot. So far, all sub 120, around 117 points. More details to follow.

    For now, mate, that's about it! See ya in Soho! ;p

  3. LOOTLADY Did you noticed that the XP ratios in fights are EXTREMELY GOOD...!?!?

  4. mafia for six fighter not add..why? driver and banker empty..the war is in the 4 fighter me

  5. I'm very bad with maths and want to know what is the best payout for cash for the lowest energy? I want as much pounds as possible quick.


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