Mar 13, 2012

London: Basic Review


London officially opens. Sorry for the delay, but sometimes I need to sleep. Those who complained in the comments could have just looked at the game to see what’s new. For now, that’s all the information you’re going to get. I will create a small series on all things London and then combine the posts into one once everything is documented. Jobs, properties, fighting, collections, and achievements will follow. For now, the basics are as follows. Check the Mafia Wars Loot Lady Fan Page frequently for updates.  The Mafia Wars Wiki London Page is being updated as well.  For more details, visit the Official Mafia Wars Blog.

To access London, simply click on the “Enter” button from the Splash Page shown above. This is where you will get your rewards from the Lord Over London event. There are many variations of this popup and yours will depend on the level of mastery you achieved on Jack ‘O Lights and London Invites. You get London Cash (Pounds) and 1 Carnage. You also get an additional 100 Ponds to get started.
The Game Header is the same image we showed you from the servers. You start out with the Pounds that you earned and the additional 100 that were given to you for a maximum of 600. This will be needed to buy job equipment to do jobs. If you aren’t going to use it right away, bank it (or stay out of London) so it can’t be stolen in fights.
If you need more currency, repeat jobs or fight. Zynga hopes you will buy it from the Marketplace but that really isn’t necessary.
Just like Chicago, there are 3 new Districts to master. Only the first District is revealed upon start and the next ones will unlock once you master the previous one on the Bronze Level.
Instead of the basic “Do Job” buttons, London jobs have more action buttons that match the job descriptions.  They serve the same purpose, to utilize energy.
The property ring is called the London Citadel. For now it’s composed of 3 properties that we will need to upgrade. For now they remain locked until you master a specific job in each district.
You will need the following parts to upgrade your properties. They are giftable but not on the Free Gift Page. The links to access the send page are below.
Eike did some searching of the back code and we will get skill points for purchasing items from the Night Club.
London contains a Crew that you will need to put together just like Brazil and Chicago. The Sniper is a permanent position so we will probably see Bandits appear. The London Crew positions are identical and do the same things as the ones in Brazil and Chicago.
Fighting is also the same as Brazil and Chicago. Pounds should be easy to come by through fighting and like all the other destinations will soon be devalued.
You can’t rob in London yet. We need to wait for enough players to upgrade their properties.
UPDATE: Several hours after release, robbing became available. The only property that is robable is the Olympic Stadium. The stamina/experience ratio is bad and will remain that way until the next two properties are added which won't be until Districts 5 and 6 are released.
All of the London loot items, to include job loot, equipment items, consumables and property upgrade parts have been added to the inventory. We no longer need to play the London Sever Image Game! Some items are for Districts 5 and 6 which are yet to be released.

London Cab (A:44 D:90) [Vehicle] from PropertyItem Quality: Uncommon
Eurasian Lynx (A:93 D:46) [Animal] from PropertyItem Quality: Uncommon
Pop Singer (A:48 D:96) [Henchmen] from PropertyItem Quality: Uncommon
Open Season (A:99 D:50) [Weapon] from PropertyItem Quality: Uncommon
Antique Pocketwatch (A:52 D:102) [Armor] from PropertyItem Quality: Uncommon
City Slicker (A:105 D:54) [Vehicle] from PropertyItem Quality: Uncommon
Smooth Snake (A:56 D:108) [Animal] from PropertyItem Quality: Uncommon
Cricketer (A:111 D:58) [Henchmen] from PropertyItem Quality: Uncommon
Jack the Ripper (A:60 D:114) [Weapon] from PropertyItem Quality: Uncommon
Bobby Hat (A:117 D:62) [Armor] from PropertyItem Quality: Uncommon
English Brick [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Clay Tiles [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Sledge Hammer [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Plumb Line [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Iron Girder [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Brute (A:106 D:67) [Weapon] from JobsItem Quality: Uncommon
Sidewinder .20 (A:67 D:107) [Weapon] from JobsItem Quality: Uncommon
Carbon Fiber Suit (A:108 D:68) [Armor] from JobsItem Quality: Uncommon
Spiked Shoulder Pad (A:68 D:108) [Armor] from JobsItem Quality: Uncommon
Lemon Shark (A:70 D:116) [Animal] from JobsItem Quality: Rare
Jawbreaker (A:117 D:72) [Vehicle] from JobsItem Quality: Rare
Keyring to the Kingdom (A:40 D:25) [Weapon] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Fighting Shoes (A:26 D:41) [Armor] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Working Class Hero (A:44 D:27) [Vehicle] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Red Squirrel (A:28 D:44) [Animal] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Street Food Vendor (A:48 D:29) [Henchmen] from LondonItem Quality: Common
British Army Knife (A:30 D:49) [Weapon] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Betting Slip [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Energy Drink [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Pub Brawler (A:66 D:105) [Weapon] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Cabbie Hat (A:106 D:67) [Armor] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Long Shot (A:68 D:107) [Vehicle] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Common Buzzard (A:108 D:69) [Animal] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Lamplighter (A:116 D:72) [Henchmen] from LondonItem Quality: Rare
Football Shin Guards (A:71 D:117) [Armor] from LondonItem Quality: Rare
Streetfighter (A:214 D:120) [Henchmen] from LondonItem Quality: Superior
Bury the Hatchet (A:58 D:40) [Weapon] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Hard Hat (A:41 D:59) [Armor] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Urban Brawl (A:64 D:42) [Vehicle] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Stoatally Weasel (A:43 D:63) [Animal] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Harbor Worker (A:70 D:44) [Henchmen] from LondonItem Quality: Common
London Cabbie (A:45 D:70) [Henchmen] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Jagged Edge [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Condo Keys [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Country Cousin (A:105 D:66) [Weapon] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Construction Boots (A:67 D:106) [Armor] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
London Bus (A:107 D:67) [Vehicle] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Eurasian Otter (A:68 D:108) [Animal] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
London Fireman (A:70 D:116) [Henchmen] from LondonItem Quality: Rare
Bean Goose (A:117 D:72) [Animal] from LondonItem Quality: Rare
East End Lightning (A:132 D:237) [Vehicle] from LondonItem Quality: Superior
Crown and Country (A:75 D:50) [Weapon] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Bobby Uniform (A:49 D:74) [Armor] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Night Life (A:82 D:53) [Vehicle] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Eurasian Wolf (A:53 D:83) [Animal] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Tabloid Journalist (A:90 D:60) [Henchmen] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Night Clubber (A:59 D:91) [Henchmen] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Rubber Gloves [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Disguise Mask [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Common
Royal Rumble (A:67 D:107) [Weapon] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Royal Hat (A:108 D:67) [Armor] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Aristocrat (A:68 D:109) [Vehicle] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Grass Snake (A:110 D:69) [Animal] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Royal Guard (A:73 D:119) [Henchmen] from LondonItem Quality: Rare
Top Hat (A:118 D:74) [Armor] from LondonItem Quality: Rare
British Royal (A:261 D:140) [Henchmen] from LondonItem Quality: Superior
Carnage (A:125 D:85) [Weapon] from GiftingItem Quality: Superior
Carnage (A:135 D:95) [Weapon] from GiftingItem Quality: Superior
Carnage (A:145 D:105) [Weapon] from GiftingItem Quality: Superior
Carnage (A:165 D:115) [Weapon] from GiftingItem Quality: Superior
Carnage (A:185 D:125) (have: 1) [Weapon] from GiftingItem Quality: Superior
Russian Passport [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Kit Bag [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Power Ups [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Piggy Bank [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Microchip [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon
Official Documents [Extra] from LondonItem Quality: Uncommon

There are three London Collections and we get a decent amount of skill point for vaulting them. Collection items drop while doing jobs and are giftable.
There are a total of 12 London Achievements. There must be a glitch in the Barmy Army achievement because I got it as soon as I went to the Achievement Page. You better go to before they fix it!

For more details on each district, use the links below.
London District 1: Notes From The Underground
London District 2: East End Story
London District 3: Dead in Red
The London Citadel


  1. someone already reported the links as abuse, they no longer work.

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    You rock!!!


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  10. Thanks much, Jen. As for the trolls...forgive them for they know not what they do. How could they with rocks for brains.

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  13. Thanks for all of the Great work and info! I'd be lost sometimes without it... Rock On! Spock On!

  14. Haven't been able to play all day... no matter what city I'm in, I get kicked to Chicago. If I fight in London, 3rd click tells me "inappropriate behavior on my account" and locks me out. When I get back in, I'm in Chicago. I'm always being told not to change citties so fast. I lost wins in poker, etc etc etc. MW is starting to not even be worth my time anymore. Support? rof. "Have you tried another browser? Have you dumped your cache?"

  15. New glitches due to London?? I'm unable to bank on any properties and I cannot open my gift requests....sigh

  16. use gift collector for the gifts - works a treat...

    i'm more upset that i didn't get the popup to welcome me to London so haven't received my Carnage (gah, i was on 499/500 when i went to bed last night!!)

  17. zynga is absolutely clueless, it seems by the comments left there are quite a number of glitches for a number of mafia wars players with yet another new release of a major mafia wars city, can zynga truly get anything right at all for a refreshing change; I myself had to upgrade from Internet Explorer 8 to Internet Explorer 9; in addition to having to go to to initate playing london in mafia wars; don't know why it would be so buggy and glitched up with London all of a sudden; also my Mafia Wars Autoplayer stopped working for London; had to remove Mafia Wars Autoplayer entirely and not just pause it for the first time!

  18. Glitchy as hell - can't bank, can't request, can't crew, can't get a fight in. Why don't they test all releases thoroughly before they unleash on the masses?!

  19. fighting in NY, got kicked to Chicago and managed to get my Chicago fight achievement... so, there are a few bugs! Interesting to see that there are skills in the new London property, a +2D but only a +1A LE properties, options are definitely skewed for growing defense skills. What we need are opportunities to grow stamina. All the new cities require more stamina for fighting...and are really not options for newer accounts.

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  27. Waiting 24 hours to ask for a single part is pure zynga math.. Do they really think that this strategy works for the gamer? I have 10,000+ each of the top loot drops from fighting.. Wtf am I supposed to do with that? What's in that pipe that Trader Goh's holding in the pawn shop anyway?


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