Mar 16, 2012

Free Mafia Wars Loot: Pyromania


The Pyromania weapon that was added to the inventory earlier today is another gift from Zynga. It’s exactly like the Party Animal, Bearded Dragon and the Size Does Matter. The only difference is it’s harder to find!  To get yours, follow the instructions below.
1. Go to your Facebook Apps and Games Page. Click on "Apps and Games" located to the far left of your Home Page or click here.

2. Scroll until you get to the Mafia Wars requests and click on the "See requests from..." link to expand.

3.  Scroll through your requests until you see one from the Mafia Wars Application. Zynga changed their application icon so this will be a little trickier to find than the ones in the past. The request will say: “Free! We’re giving you a Pyromania to set the new city ablaze! Play Mafia Wars and unleash the pyromaniac within!”

If you are having trouble locating the request, click the Control and F key at the same time and wait for a search bar to appear on your page (upper right corner in Chrome, lower left corner in FireFox). Type in Pyromania or any part of the request and it will be highlighted on the page.
Facebook will only up to 200 requests at a time. As you get new requests, old ones get bumped and stored in a queue. If you don't see the request on your page, you need to ignore the existing ones by clicking on the "Ignore all requests for this app" link and search the next page. If a few days have gone by, you may need to do this many times over in order to find the request.
4.  Once you locate the request, click on “Accept”. You will get the popup shown above. Click on the “Claim Your Reward” button and the item will be added to your inventory.
5. When you claim the item, nothing happens so you need to go to your inventory and verify that it’s there.
The last time around it took a few days for them to send everyone the request. if after a day or two you can’t locate your Pyromania request or you simply don’t have one, you will need to contact Customer Support . If you want to use the Live Chat feature, go here to see if they are available. If they are, the Live Chat icon will appear in the upper right corner of the page.size5
If the Live Chat icon is not present then simply click on one of the articles and look for the “Email Us” link . Or you can just click here.


  1. When did this gift drop? The gift is not in my mw apps list.

  2. Nope, can't find it in 3 different accounts, one of which only had 7 gift requests so if it was there at all i'm pretty sure i would see it... must be a "limited edition" for selected players only ;D

  3. Zynga = forktarded basturds. They can shove this weapon and their new property up their unmentionables and choke on them.

  4. no gift are u kidding me

  5. its there guys plz recheck it

  6. Got it, thanks for the tip ;)

  7. i have 119 gifts waiting and i don't see the free loot

  8. got it. thanks for the info on how to find it.

  9. Error receiving it's gone.

  10. Why does zynga keep giving out loot in this retarded way? Since the ZMC is here no one looks in that facebook list anymore...

  11. shows up in my inventory as "0"

  12. Guys, please cut the drama. Go to zynga support email and POLITELY -not like a bunch of caveman - explain the representative that you were unable to find your loot OR had an error when receiving it. They will promptly add the loot to your inventory. End of story....

  13. Got it but it didn't add to my inventory and, no surprise, NO VIP LINK! I've been waiting for the VIP for 3 weeks, CS keeps giggling about it coming soon. So when I heard about the mailman with the VIP link I found him and no mailman showed up in my loot and no VIP link. No mention of VIP in my little "Welcome back" box either. Z can take both their mailman and their VIP and shove it. And no I will not contact CS again. They don't know, and they are only there to tell you things like "keep your eyes open" and "it's coming soon". Not going to waste my time.

  14. open the gift but doesn't appear...


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