Mar 21, 2012

Caesar’s Mystery Bags Arrive


At the beginning of the month, we told you that Caesar's Mystery Bags were coming soon. They have finally arrived and are all over the game. You can find a ad that says “The Romans are here”.
There is a Home Page Module and it’s nice to see it doesn’t say that they will only be around for one day like most of the others have. This one has a witty message that says “When In Rome, Do As Romans Do. Send Mystery Bags!”. I don’t recall any part of Roman History that featured Mystery Bags but I won’t argue with the Romans.
Find them on the Free Gift page.
Send a bunch to your mafia and hope to get them in return.
The rules and items are identical to Gold Mystery Bags, Harvest Mystery bags, Dragon Mystery Bags, and Carnival Mystery bags. The only difference is the featured loot item. This time around it’s the Ride of March which has stats of 140/107. You can accept 20 Caesar’s Mystery Bags per day and they are good for 48 hours once they hit your ZMC.


  1. I just got Thai Baht in my Caesar's Bags. Nice to know I can use it...

  2. Sigh... How unoriginal.... Meet the new bags... same as the old bags...

    I can't wait until the next time they bring these bags back...


  3. wow ! 20 bags - 1 Ride of March....

  4. It let me take 21, I wrote them down as they opened... here's what I got -- YES, Thai baht and snake eyes. Woopdedoo!

    1 ... 1 RP
    1 ... 5 energy points
    1 ... 2 nerve agents
    1 ... 2 decontamination masks
    3 ... Ride of March
    1 ... Mint on the Pillow
    1 ... 75,200 cash
    1 ... 2 lab rats
    2 ... 2 union workers
    1 ... car bomb
    2 ... hobo lookout
    1 ... Thai baht!!!!
    1 ... bullet stopper
    1 ... bola
    1 ... political favor
    1 ... 2 flying contaminant thingys
    1 ... snake eyes

  5. dude forgot the political favor too :P


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