Mar 14, 2012

Bonus Jobs Feature: Coming Soon


Leonard Wong, our resident Server Snooper, found an interesting image pointing to a new feature called Bonus Jobs.

According to the description, Bonus Jobs will offer a special loot item and the drop will be available for a limited time. You also get experience and cash but the description doesn’t specify if this is additional experience and cash on top of what you would normally get for doing the job. It’s hard to tell if new jobs will be available for this feature or if they are existing jobs that will offer additional loot drops.
Leonard pointed out that 6 of the loot items added to the inventory today were not labeled for London. It only makes sense that the items labeled for Jobs would be for this feature. If you look closer at the stats, it takes away most of the excitement. Some of the items will help but we have better ones dropping in London. They might as well just add this to the Stranger's Swag. Hopefully there will be no spam involved!


  1. Doesn't bother me as I have 22k energy and have done London already, but for the average player I can see them being annoyed no end by having this lumped on top of something that'll probably keep them tied up in knots for a month.

    Hopefully it's not like that Big Job nonsense we had ages ago that gave next to no mastery or xp after the first couple of clicks.

  2. The loot helps right now and with the low ratio in London I am not so excited about trying to farm there. If these bonus jobs have a decent ratio then it solves that farming problem for me

  3. could be something like ruby loot in brazil we had along time ago

  4. add me add me -peeps rushing tofinish london, same peeps whine to have no nuts (loot)

  5. I think it will be for the the existing jobs. After clicking the job, a pop-up may appear like the one we used to see with bandits, then we need to click it and get bonus.

  6. IT"S HERE! I just got one. Was in district 1 clearing excess energy and out it popped. Additional job near the bottom at only 1 energy, but needs the energy drink, so that's what the other consumable in each district is for! Wound up clicking like crazy for only 15 minutes, redoing the energy drink job to get more. Wound up with an increase of about 150A and 120D! Nice.

  7. the bonus job sux i used 50k energy and had 5 items drop that i already owned :(


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