Mar 10, 2012

50% Discounts & Bonuses Continue


Yesterday Zynga told us that the offer for 50% off reward points and the 50% Game Card redemption bonus were good for one day only [1]. They had a change of heart and the offers are good for today as well. This stunt has been pulled many times in the past so most should have predicted it would have happened.
The best bang for your buck is to purchase Game Cards as you will get more reward points. Go here for instructions and a review of the best deals.


Anonymous said...

offer will last till 12.03.2012... (

Anonymous said...

bought cards yesterday early in the morning from Walmart online and still don't have the codes as of yet - it's been 24 hours. :0(

Christian said...

Just redeemed a game card bought and redeemed in Canada, from a retail store. Turns out that it's a worse deal. $50 for 420 rp vs. $50 for 440 had I bought directly. They might have adjusted something.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had Walmart call and ask you to verify what you purchased? Told them 2 Zynga cards, and asked why they felt they needed to verify and she said it was part of their policy! Well, that is all I told them, but I asked if the codes would come in the next hour which she assured me they would - it is almost 1 hour now, so I seriously doubt it's imminent arrival. Last time I tried to do this thru Walmart, I wound up cancelling then they called me to ask me not to cancel! Does Wally and Zynga have a target on me? Zynga has me permanently banned from buying from them AGAIN. However, the last 6 months they've let me purchase directly from them so why the change right now to a permanent ban, I have no clue. Oh, I was banned because my hubby (same billing address as me) demanded a refund (& AMEX was on his side) from Zynga after they rolled his account back and took items he purchased! So, they never told me why I was permanently banned but I suspected it was our billing address even though I am ME & have my own separate credit card. Why am I still playing?? LOL

Anonymous said...

yes, no pin, no money in much more than 24 hours. lol

Anonymous said...

Zynga charges state sales tax if you purchase online but if you go to Walmart or Target to buy cards, there is no sales tax. (in Texas anyways) You do get almost 100 extra RP for a $25.00 card, but no credit towards your marketplace reward card. BFD.

Anonymous said...

its over now...only got 95 for $15

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