Feb 10, 2012

Valentine’s Day Massacre


The Valentine’s Day Massacre sounds really cool until you read about it on your Home Page banner. It’s just another Marketplace gimmick that has the same structure as the 7 Day of Holidays (1). Each day a new “Deal” becomes available and you need to pay 45 reward points to unlock it. If you unlock a deal, you will be eligible to unlock the next and better deal.


Last time the deals were 40 reward points so Zynga is trying to take advantage of the collectors or they sold a lot of these during the last event and want to see how much player are willing to spend.


If you open up the “Click here” link, you can see what all the deals are.


Zynga’s explanation for how this “event” works is shown below. They need to add the option of waiting until they mess up the code so you can get 500 of each for free! Before purchasing don’t forget about the request exploit that Zynga hasn’t done anything about (1).


If you purchase a “Deal”, you will get congratulated on the banner. Be careful not to click on the purchase buttons by mistake because there is no confirmation. The Day 1 Deal is a Mail Shirt.


You need to check your inventory to verify that you received the item you purchased.


The loot items offered in this event account for 7 of the “Special Event” items that were added to the inventory yesterday (1).


Below is a breakdown of what you will spend. If you purchase all 7 Deals then you will spend about 12 reward points per item which is a deal when it comes to loot.

Deal # of Items Reward Points
Day 1 1 45
Day 2 2 45
Day 3 3 45
Day 4 4 45
Day 5 5 45
Day 6 6 45
Day 7 7 45
Total 28 315
Cost Per Item   12 

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. finally a good idea from zynga, 12 rp for 1 loot. at the marketplace would it cost more. i wil do it

    1. A realy good idea!
      You will waste 7x45 RP on loot that will become obsolte in 3-4 months! Just do it!

  2. If you are going to waste RPs on loot, why not buy 10 crates when they are on sale? You would get 30 items of comparable or considerably better stats for "only" 300 RPs.

    1. You would have to get all rare items in all the crates to equal the stats that the deal get's you.
      ie: the deal gives you a total of att 3478 def 3637 for 315 rp's which = 14, 3 crate purchases provided you get the hat or mime every time your total would be 5160 split between att and def = 2580 each for 350 rp's at full price. the common and uncommon items will reduce you total thus making the deal pretty good if you have the rp's to use.

  3. use your RP's to speed up NY properties, don't wasted on loots, jesus


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