Feb 29, 2012

Two New Limited Edition Items


Two Limited Edition items were added to the Marketplace. The Wild Palomino was one of the 98 items added to the inventory back in January (1). The Rain Poncho was added 5 days ago (1). It looks like Zynga couldn’t come up with anything clever to say about the Rain Poncho! Each item is available for 35 reward points.
In addition to a missing description, it's also missing a Featured Items module for the Limited Edition Armor Items. If you view all Marketplace items and click the Limited Edition Loot Armor link......
....there is no special module for it. You will find it under the "View All" link. Not a big deal but it just seems something is off with this item.
The Rain Poncho is still labeled as “Special Event”. Crate items are usually labeled "Marketplace" but the Origami Crates are "Special Event" this time. Maybe Zynga is trying to prevent us from guessing.

Thanks to Mark Allen for the heads up. I don't normally post about Limited Edition items because I think I do enough Marketplace advertising for Zynga and get nothing from them in return. Mark is always letting me know when new items are added and he points out interesting facts so maybe I'll start posting about them more frequently. It's still bad strategy to buy any loot from the Marketplace because all loot becomes outdated. You should always use your reward points to get more skill points as those last forever!

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