Feb 29, 2012

Last Day For Ice Season: 18


There are less than 12 hours left for Ice Season 18. Many won’t complete this one because Zynga shorted us a day. There were also multiple issues affecting gameplay throughout the weekend. Once it appeared that most were able to play Mafia Wars again, Zynga pushed out the Insurrection In Italy Limited Time Mission. The Mission requires a total of 100 ices and the fight list has been populated with players who are already iced. If any event needs an extension, it’s this one!


  1. forget the 100 ices, for the 2nd mission for italy u need to rob and do a job that uses stam

  2. I'm 1431 ices in, every one in the shark tank, no bunny kills. I am not a huge player, so if ppl don't finish, I don't feel bad for them. I'm actually glad they shortened it a day. Let's separate the wheat from the chaff.


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