Feb 29, 2012

Collectable Stat Card Update


Many asked what was going to happen to the Crime Ring Series Reward Card once Italy shuts down. The bonus loot item you can get is the Sea Dawg and it drops in any of the jobs of the Palermo Tier.

Today the Reward Card changed and the Sea Dawg will now drop while doing any job in the Recife Tier of Brazil.
Maybe to celebrate this update, Zynga put the ridiculous collectable Stat Cards banner is back on the Home Page. This is bad for the players because the banner has a way of stealing your reward points (1). The cards are currently 20% off but even at a reduced price they are still not a good deal (1).
I wanted to see if this update also included a confirmation button and of course it doesn’t. As soon as I clicked on a purchase button, I got the card. Screen jumping and revolving banners causes many players to click the purchase buttons by accident. If you find you are missing reward points, this is probably why. You can email Customer Support by going here but many agents will tell you to be more careful. If you don’t have luck with Customer Support, try Zynga's billing support hotline at 1-800-762-2530. I think this is a billing related issue as most don’t purchase reward points to be tricked into using them for something they don’t want.
Thanks to Solomon Mangmuan for posting on the fan page. I would have never noticed.


  1. Have they fixed the drop ratio? I've clicked for days trying to get a drop in Vegas.

  2. So now looting this item will cost several times more energy because the new location has much higher job energy costs.



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