Feb 23, 2012

The Cage Fight Arena


The new Limited Time Upgrade Property is called the Cage Fight Arena and is now available to be upgraded. We are given 15 days to get the task done. The Hangar was on a 14 day timer but there were multiple feed issues along the way and 2 days were added.  Maybe Zynga is taking a preemptive strike and giving us an extra day. I showed you tiny server images of this property and it was hard to guess what it could be (1).  We figured it out once the loot items added to the inventory had a Cage Fighter theme (1).  Be prepared to spam and be spammed as you enter the Spamfest Arena!

All accounts are given a Level 0 Cage Fight Arena that comes with a platform and a teaser of what you can build if you get to Level 15.
The Cage Fight Arena  works like all the other Limited Time Properties before it. Get enough parts to upgrade to Level 1 and your platform transforms into the property.
Your initial bragging request will say “Built” and all others after that say “Upgrade”. You want to post these because they offer your mafia members a upgrade part.

The building parts which we have to beg for are the Plexiglass Sheet, Treated Lumbar and Galvanized Steel.


The chart below lists how many of each part is needed to advance to the next level. To fully upgrade your Cage Fight Arena, you will need 623 parts. That's a lot of begging!

Level Plexiglass Sheet Treated Lumber Galvanized Steel Total
1 1 1 1 3
2 1 2 1 4
3 2 3 2 7
4 3 4 3 10
5 4 64 14
6 5 8 5 18
7 10 11 10 31
8 12 15 12 39
9 14 19 14 47
10 16 23 16 55
11 18 27 18 63
12 20 31 20 71
13 22 35 22 79
14 24 39 24 87
15 26 43 26 95
Total 178 267 178 623

The items you can build as each level unlocks are shown below.  The Cage offers no special abilities, the Cage Rage Gloves +3 stamina, the Slash Gauntlet +4 attack and the Cage Fighter +5 defense. Fighters will be thrilled to have a craftable item that offers +5 defense and doesn’t require Weapon Parts or Portable Fusion Reactors. This is very good for the already dying trading community.

If you scroll to the bottom of the New York Property Page, you can see that the number of properties we have is excessive. 5 is sufficient and 17 is overkill!  We are only allowed to craft from 5 of them every 18 hours. I don’t know why Zynga is so in love with these properties. The vast majority of Mafia Wars players hate them.

Thanks to Queen Brat, Natalie, Fione, Robert and The Hoff for helping with the parts needed chart. 



  1. What is especially aggravating about these properties is that it was only a couple months ago that we were building properties that are now completely useless, since their stats are lower than newer properties. It couldn't be more obvious that these properties are all about fulfilling Zynga's agenda and have nothing to do with fun for the players.

  2. im sure we will have tons of complaints again from losers who cant finish this lol

    1. Or players like me who cant be arsed but have their feeds filled by folks like you begging.

  3. I start the game at 6h00 (Belgium) and now it's 10h21 and :
    You have already sent 10 parts today
    You have already collected 3 parts today

    So if I wxant to upadate no choice buy and use RP ....

    Why Zynga still do this ??? Not enough money from MW players ?

  4. see my earlier message is correct lol lol.if you cant finish a simple task like this youre not playing the game properly thats why its no fun...i suggest hidden chronicleits an awesome game too my 7 years old kid had a goodtime playing it

    1. Why do you keep posting (and laughing) about how others are playing a game? If people want to complain about this stupid property just let them. Btw never heard of 'hidden chronicleits' :)

    2. Do you actually find "fun" to spam 3 times a day for the next 15 days for a soon-to-be useless property? A lot of people won't be able to finish, some people will (like me) but MOST people won't give a fu** about this crap, I didn't bother with the last 2 properties and I'm only doing this because it offers good attack and defense skills. Playing the game properly is about winning fight and/or finishing cities, not senseless spam

  5. it just started a few minutes i can see some complaints already oh my god lol we still have 14 days im still at level 1 myself

  6. Im just hoping that we arent building all these new properties for the old school ones like chop shop etc to be taken away . I only use one or two of the new props as the old ones still give better skill points

  7. is that nerve already solved?? this morning the links for any specific part weren't working, they didn't gift a part but simply went to the MW home page...

  8. Myself & My Mafia Clan are Still Proudly Boycotting these Endless Spam-fest's! The Rule is No Posting & No Helping of These Tedious Spam Hogs. Hope other's are Still with us on this one!

  9. Well anonymous, i assume u are an old sucker who dont got nothing in his life besides a gaming kid and no life(or a computer life). Thats why u cant understand others who want to make it but find it to hard. I could finish it. But who the hell will publish this shit every few hours. I can imagine your facebook wall :D. If ignorance would hurt, u would be dead a long time pa :P And i did not hid myself after a anonymous profile like you brilliant mayesty did

  10. What is everyone's top 5 properties? Mine just seem wrong.

  11. OMG - the complaints are not about playing the game correctly it is about how we want to have time to truly enjoy the game. Personally I do not want to spend the time begging & hunting fo r the parts to build constantly I want to fight, socialize, banter.... Obviously if you don't get that point & see that Z is just doing this for the $ then you are not playing the game correctly .

  12. My top 5:
    1) Weapons Shop - Railgun (+5 ATT)
    2) Botanical Garden - Botanist (+4 DEF)
    3) Hangar - Hop Chopper (+5 STA)
    4) Assassins' Academy - Assassin (+5 EN)
    5) School Of Choice - Quarterback (+4 ST)
    Botanical Garden will be replaced by Cage Fight Arena

  13. My energy and stamina are way too high for my level. I need to up my att and def.

  14. Still getting "Feed Expired". Idiots.

  15. Boycott!

    Top 5
    Weapon +6 attack
    Chop Shop + 6 Stamina
    Zoo +20 Defence
    Armoury + 10 Health
    AN Other New Property Build +4 Defence

    why spam and build new properties ... No Point!!

  16. Not building health - interesting,....

  17. My top 5:
    1) Weapons Shop - Hack Blade (+6 DEF)
    2) Private Zoo - Warthog (+20 HEA)
    3) Hangar - Hop Chopper (+5 STA)
    4) Chop Shop - Rebel 2 (+6 STA)
    5) Biker Clubhouse - Front Door (+4 DEF)
    Biker Clubhouse will be replaced by Cage Fight Arena

  18. I did not build the middle group of these properties because they had bad stats and were pointless. Now the last 2 properties and this one give good skills AND great active loot. It really is a no brainer to try and build them. I have managed to build the last two fully and will work this one as well, it has the best stats by far on any new prop.

    To the guy giving others a hard time, why waste your time here?
    To the one who said he gave all his parts out already. Good for you to help others but be sure you get yours back as well, that is how you build YOUR property.

    to all those saying ZYNGA pumps these out for the RP -- well of ocurse they do. Last I checked ZYNGA was very much about trying to make a profit versus a charity for game players

  19. I quit doing these after the Hanger.I just got fed up with this.My game hasn't suffered and I'm having more fun.Dig in your heels and see how it feels.And tell Zinga where to shove the bone.

  20. Top properties:
    Weapons Depot: Railgun or Utility Belt (+5 ATT/+6 Stamina)
    Chop Shop: Solar Flare +6 Energy
    Armory: Power Armor +2 Energy +2 Stamina
    Assassin's Academy: Corner Shot +4 ATT but working to Assassin +5 Energy and is used in Henchmen for Defense.
    Martial Arts Dojo: +3 ATT Sensei

    The Zoo is useless unless you get the occasional exotic animal feed to build a Wildebeest for +20 Health.

    The Cage Arena I see no point unless you go for the +4 ATT.

    I have a lot of energy for my level and I am now building up my Attack to match up more for fights since this is the way the game seems to be leaning. It does not matter what your defense is when you can go around beating up on every opponent. You can buy health once you have used it fighting, so no need to waste time increasing it via leveling. ZYNGA is trying to push people to use money on the game, not worth it.

  21. all those not finish all property will be sorry for the time come... :) zynga doing it good... but you still not getting the good idea on the property.....

    here is list what you can build

    chopchop ==> 6sta
    weapons depot ==> 6att
    botanical graden ==> 4def
    school of choice ==> 4def
    biker clubhouse ==> 4def

    hangar ==> 4def
    private zoo ==> 20health
    venetian condo ==> 3def
    tad's gunshop ==> 3def
    assssins academy ==> 4att

    sports bar ==> 3att
    cementery ==> 4sta
    cider house ==> 3att
    martial arts dojo ==> 3att
    armory ==> 3att

    cage fight arena ==> 4att or 5def


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