Jan 18, 2012

Red Mystery Bag Updates & Review


Yesterday the 5th generations of Blue and Red Mystery Bags were introduced into the game.
We all know that Blue Mystery Bags are easy to get because they are always on the Free Gift Page. For a review of the changes made to Blue Mystery Bags, go here. Red Mystery Bags are a little trickier.
It's been about 5 months since the latest update and most were getting tired of the useless loot and the It's A Trap Collection. I think I'm good on and Traps and old Red Mystery Bag loot!
The new collection has a much better theme than trapping innocent animals. The Disco Collection is so groovy!  The first 3 items are available in Blue Mystery Bags and the last 4 from Red Mystery Bags. You can get one collection piece from each type of bag every 24 hours.
The loot offered in Red Mystery Bags has also been updated. It's still somewhat outdated but will help more players. The items come from Seized Tax Crates that were offered last April and Phobia Crates last September.
Nobody should be in a hurry to vault the Disco Collection. All you get is one  I think this is a sign that Zynga meant to update Mystery Bags a while ago and never adjusted for the overall average stat increase of items we can get in game. There is a lack of good defense vehicles so at least this item should help most but not as much as it should considering Boss Fight items have higher stats. The It's A Trap Collection offered 20 Skill Points for vaulting so I think we kind of got screwed in this deal.
I've opened up over 500 Red Mystery Bags from several different accounts. I didn't bother listing the many types of boosts and property upgrade items. We also get Special Parts and Exotic Animal Feed. The Claustrophobia item with stats of 108/78 is a nice surprise.

Red Mystery Bags
Collection Items
Surviving Wig
Dance and Jive
Burnin' Bellbottoms
Chic Sequin Jacket
Loot Items
Tax Shelter
Money Plate Shield
Bearded Vulture
Other Items
+1 Attack Point

+1 Defense Point

25% Energy Boost

100 Experience

Now that there is interest in Red Mystery Bags again, many have been asking how you get them. The gifting system has changed since the last update and the current in game system is flawed. While you are doing jobs, you will get a popup and the opportunity to send Red Mystery Bags to your mafia. This will happen once every 8 hours.
You can only send out 50 requests and the rate on your return will not be that great because most gifts get bumped out the ZMC before the recipients ever see it was there.  
Earlier today, Amin E. Habash posted a link on the Mafia Wars Loot Lady Fan Page that would take you to the Red Mystery Bag Send Page (1). It works great and Mike used it to create a spockon.me link. If you don't use tools to help you send gifts, bookmark this link to send Red Mystery Bags to your mafia.

Team Spockholm took it a step further and added Red Mystery Bags to the Gift Blaster.
If you want a lot of Red Mystery Bags in your ZMC, just blast them to your mafia and wait for the returns to flow in. 

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
All material is protected by copyright law


  1. You had a few errors in this story, I religiously open red and blue every day and the reward point has always been in the blue bag, along with +1 skill point and a stamina boost. Also you can get the Red bag popup three times a day (every 8 hours) not once. The easiest way to do this before Spock added it to the Blaster was to do the easy NY job Chase Away Thugs and it will pop up within 5 clicks every time.

    1. Thank you. For the old stuff, I was going off what the wiki said and 1 RP was included. Will edit the every 8 hours.

    2. it is correct i get 1 rp and skill point from red not the blue

    3. RP used to be in the red bag was for a long time I miss it. :(
      Still get one in the secret drops though...

  2. thx for article,
    content of blue mystery bags is updated too,
    if i good remember i saw those 2 findings:
    Decontamination Mask 95 62
    Nerve Agent 71 107
    next 2 unknown, bcs gifts are gold and poker cards atm
    have a nice play

  3. How many bags should you open every day considering the blue used to give crap after about 10? x blue? y red?

  4. i dont have gift blaster in my spock toolbar what do i need to do

    1. You can add it thru the settings/configuration icon on the right end of the toolbar.


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