Jan 19, 2012

New Secret District: The Slammer


The next Secret District is available. This one is called The Slammer and is based in Chicago. We've known for quite sometime that it was coming. For a review of all the loot items associated with this district, go here.
We only get 12 days to complete it. Normally it's 14 so I suspect it should have been launched a few days ago when the Back Alley Business Secret District expired (1). I will post a walk through with the job ratios and equipment items needed to complete the Slammer later tonight. I sure hope we don't get a new Limited Time Mission as well!

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. Come on Zynga, it's not that hard to find a proper example of a 1920's Chicago PD uniform. Took me about 3 minutes.
    URL: http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/ndlpcoop/ichihtml/cdnhome.html
    Keywords: police uniforms

    Ă╬Ŵ Danger Mouse

  2. Okay, Zynga - I give up. I could probably finish most of this crap you're throwing in the works, but there's so much of it at once that I can't remember what I've already done and what I need to do next, so there's darn sure no reason to just sit and throw RP at it.

    The fun is gone, and so am I. It's really sad how you've ruined what used to be an enjoyable game.

  3. Jen - the information that I got from Zynga's IT team in Bangalore is correct...they are releasing Secret districts instead of coming up with new cities...this is sick...they come up a feature and until it's done to death the feature is exploited...(Ramanujam)

  4. It was there and now it's gone...

  5. The Slammer was released and now it's gone. So much for getting a jump start on the new district.

  6. Already maxed on the 3 items (50ea). LOL I've got a screenshot if you want it.

  7. I already maxed on loot before they shut it down. I've got a screenshot if you want it. :)

  8. The slammer district is not avaliable

  9. The mission is closed now.....I dont what happened with zynga !!

  10. Boy o boy...that time was limited ;D

  11. Aha!

    "Below is the reprint of the post on the Support Page:
    For a brief time earlier this evening we released the next Secret District, but due to player feedback regarding our recent event schedule, this district will not be made active until Monday, January 23rd, 2012.

    We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused, but we felt the timing of the event would be better suited for our players at a later date.

    Many players have expressed concern over the progress that they have already made on this Secret District, but don't worry all progress made by players has been saved and will be there when it releases again on Monday.

    Because this was an intentional removal of the feature and all progress will be saved and restored at the next release there is not a reason to submit an incident or contact Customer Support as they will not be able to make any changes or credits to your account.

    Thank you again for your feedback!

    Your Mafia Wars Team"


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