Dec 22, 2011

Collectable Stat Cards


Zynga must be on a deadline to get all of their crap pushed out before the new Mafia Wars Team takes over next year. Hopefully there will be players left! There is a new feature called Collectable Stat Cards. As if we don't have enough stuff to collect in Mafia Wars! The only way to get these cards as of right now is to buy them. I call bullshit on this one! Let the players who don't spend money enjoy the game too. If they all quit than so will the paying customers. Hopefully this is an oversight and there will be a way to get cards for doing game related tasks.
If you open the help mark, you learn a little more about this feature. You can collect cards (they don't mention where or how) to get skill points and you earn Mastery Cards when you collect all cards in a series. If you collect all of the cards you get a "Huge" bonus.
Go to your Inventory Tab, click on the Collections & Vaults Tab and you will see a new tab called "Collectable Cards". You can also get there by clicking on the "View Cards" button from the banner.
I purchased one card for 15 Reward Points to see what would happen.
I got this popup and +3 was added to my Health and +1 to my Attack.
The Card also appeared in my Collectable Cards Page.
At the bottom of the popup shown above, the series was shown and this card was highlighted. There is an option to "Buy Small Pack" and "Buy Large Pack". Small Pack and Large Pack are just fancy terms for 1 and 3 cards. How can they call something a pack if it only has one item? If you're going to buy these the good news is you get a tick for the Bloody Christmas Marketplace Promotion.
Small Pack
Large Pack
The loot items we were all curious about the other day are for this feature (1). They are labeled "from Jobs" but you can only get cards, and therefore the items below, by spending Reward Points. 
Mike Nestor purchased enough items to get a complete set in all Series. Below is a list of all rewards. The rest of this post was written by Mike. One you have completed a Series, you need to go to the location it tells you to get the loot item.
Series 1
Paradise City, Las Vegas
Series 2
Brazil, Rio di Janeerio: Centro
Series 3
Italy, Palermo
Series 4
Chicago, Sam's Truck Shop
Series 5
Las Vegas, North Las Vegas
Once you have completed all 5 series, you will see a Set Complete! Collect Reward button appear in the popup.
Hit the Collect Reward to receive the Mastery Item, Golden Eye, it has stats of 200 Att / 200 Def. This item will more than likely replace your best Offensive Weapon.

Note: This cost me 942 RP to complete the set, I purchased 22 sets of 3. It could take less or more to complete, depending on your luck.
I asked Mike to send an image of his completed Collection Page to see just how many skill points he got for the 942 Reward Points. You will get anywhere between 3-7 skill points per card. Mike got a total of 253 Skill Points making the cost 3.72  Reward Points per 1 Skill Point. There are much better deals in the game. This feature will attract the collectors and players who like to complete everything.  Once you have all the cards, you can still purchase more. Mike has spent over 12,000 energy and the loot items that you have a "chance" of dropping haven't dropped for him yet. The more I think about this, the more I don't like it. They would have been better off using the developer time to fix the game rather than add a feature that has pissed off a lot of players.

Series #1: 50  Series #2: 27   Series #3:  73 Series #4:  46 Series #5:  57

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Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. This isn't Pokemon Zynga....where ya gotta get em all! Why don't you fix the problems with the game instead of trying to squeeze yet more money from the player base. The end is near...

  2. i can feel the end is near,looks like we are going back to our childhood days mwhen we have this kind of event

  3. I haven't spent a cent on zynga/me, I did receive a gift card on my bday last year and traded it in for RP. I think this is BS that the only way to get the cards/loot is by using RP. I am hoping enough ppl email zynga and tell them what they think of this, in the next few days if nothing changes I will be right there with them sending an email.

  4. 30 cards to collect so assuming you get a different card every single time you need a minium of 10 packs of 3 cards. 10x42RP=420RP for 1 200/200 weapon.... Suckerssssss

  5. Translation. We just went public and we're trying to generate as much capital as possible to show our stockholders they didn't make a mistake on their shiny new stock purchase that is already losing value...

  6. I think you stated it above perfectly. If the 'game' continues much longer in alienating non, or even small but regular purchaders buy offering such deals to high purchasers, they will surely all leave the game. Then they can retitle it "MoneyWars" where the few remaining players duke it out based on number and amount of purchases.

  7. zynga's becoming avaricious lately...all events need rps...bummer!!!

  8. I'm curious. For the equipment sales, like the 944rp used above and 280rp buy all 28 items, how much would one estimate an equipment gain on att/def assuming 92 avg att and 86 avg def all categories. Not that I would every purchase any of these....

  9. How many stat points did you get for 942rp's?

  10. CEO sell 100k shares days before they go public... Self serving a/h that now has his money and will run it in the ground because he is STUPID. Hottest IPO since Google, 3 stocks went public that day, 2 were up over 70% the hot one ZNGA straight to the toilet. And we dare question teh collection cards LMAO

  11. wait it says set 1 right so there are still more to come in the future but who would buy these cards if they are meant for rps

  12. I fully expected this to happen once they went public. You're going to see more and more elaborate ways to try and squeeze more money out of you from now on so it keeps the shareholders happy.

  13. mike is such a rich f*cker. can we PLEASE let him out of the hopper and let him jump into the podcast?
    he's doing SOOOO much for the whole community (i guess approx. 100 players with lots of farmers left), that he deserves a proper place in your show.
    promise him some beer and he'll do everything you want!!! :-D
    *hugs* to the informants & poor mike, cought in da hopper!

  14. 1344 RP on my energy account. Not worth it!

  15. so many rp only for skills, the rewards are crap. is it really worth to spend 900-1000 rp for (a great) weapon? i buy sometimes rp (gold tier 71),but this is for me too expensive.

  16. hmm, this looks like a way to end the original NY properties but give the CC players a way to keep buying skills and loot. Of course us folks that play for free depend on those properties since we can build for free every 18 hours. Wonder if they will do some card thing every 18 hours?

  17. Your opening statement concerns me...There will be a new team taking over Mafia in 2012? Interesting. So, this is either going to stop and get better or continue and get worse. For over a year now (or longer) we have watched this game switch from being maintainable and fun game(for all levels if players) to a game where only the rich can survive. What bothers me the most is the blatant disregard for not fixing other issues in the game before creating new things. It is time for Team Zynga to open thier boardroom to the public and let the players voices be heard........
    Donato Fatface.....

  18. Not even going to bother...It is BS...may as well come right out and say they are going to charge you to play the game and let it go at that..I am tiring fast...Started out with this game 2009 and had a blast it is getting boring and I have bought RW points but I can buy games to play at home on my other gear for a fraction of the cost. I agree with LTK let the players voices be heard.

  19. being one of those players they all call a CC player when actually like most of them I am not I can just serial level and am hence quite weak but can collect lots of rps without the need to spend them, I completed this too but after several hundred thousand energy the reward items do not seem to be dropping in the regions allocated at all....any news?

  20. Once you have all the cards, you can still purchase more. Mike has spent over 12,000 energy and the loot items that you have a "chance" of dropping haven't dropped for him yet. ........ Did he do the job that matches the card picture??? because i dont have 12,000 energy and i already found Electronics Expert
    x1(1) .... did it in 2000 energy

  21. This is ridiculous. it would be almost impossible for a low-leveled player to get the cards without buying. I hope the 2012 team fixes Mafia wars

  22. For malfunction MW Zynga games are not activated me something Achievements, also is not finished district in Brazil, although 100% of all jobs in Zynga Reward Ville I have to purchase items from the 770-Coins, but the purchase does not work ...
    This game ceases to be good quality, and these errors have no one cares about at all, while there begins an effort to get the most money from the players, because the game had slipped 1 / 2 of my friends MW (cca1000) for the last 3 months!.
    Very very great pity!

  23. i really enjoy MW but i have to agree with most players here, as i've grown past lvl 1000 now, the need for reward points becomes a bit of a pain in the butt.....
    When going for ices, i'm in the shark tank now, having 2500 personal and 265K mafia attack/defence..... those stats don't cut it anymore so i allready use my rp for jacking those up and now they release yet another (expensive) feature......
    Too bad that i really like stat games or i would've started mafiaville or what's it called when it came out this year......

  24. The cost for low loot and few skill points is crazy...if they want people to spend they need to increase skill points on items...just like the dumb builings we need to plead and beg to get help wasteing time on this farmville type building Cr** to get in the end no real valu in stam points over old builds plus no big increase in the top build....the zynga people are just dumb...they just keep taking things away from the game that made it fun to now making it frustating to play...I don't get how they do not get the fact that what they are doing is pushing people away...dumb, dumb dumb...just plain stupid lacking comn sense...the harder and less enjoyable the game gets the fewer players they will end up with.

  25. Maybe they have become corporate raiders. It's a decision they made in the board room where they decided to squeeze every last cent they can out of the players left and then close the game. I spent money on this game in the beginning, but now it is boring. I won't spend a dime.

  26. I have all the cards and have not gotten a darn thing yet-- from any "drop"

  27. The END is near for me also. The last property I completed was DOJO. I will not BEG or SPAM my friends. I will not Purchase these cards. ZYNGA get with the program.

  28. They are now being offered at 20% off so reduce the costs in this article a little... still a bad deal for sure.

  29. i am not a paying customer but i spent 1200rps for this n still havent got that 1st finished!!! :( furthermore the loot that i got (difficult to get but not impossible)is inactive!!! so many rps :( over nothing! i wrote to zynga asking what is the limit for 1 card (got some x7 x6 x5 ) to get and that i spent so much without being able to finish this. they gave m 10rps...less than 1% of what this idiot spent on this stupid thing! :( currently got 88cards!


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