Sep 22, 2011

Tad's Gun Shop


The Venetian Condo is out and Tad's Gun Shop is in. This new Limited Time Upgrade property will be available for one week and works the same way as the Sports Bar and the Venetian Condo. Thanks to Zynga pushing out too stuff, I don't have time to go into details. If you need more information, read the post I made on the Sports Bar. It's the exact same thing (except for the names of the building and crafting items).
The three building parts are Plaster, Galvanized Steel and Reciprocating Saws.
Ask for them in the same manner described here. Create the 4 links and you can reuse them until you get enough of your mafia members to click on them and get you to Level 10. It still works and I'm already on Level 5.
The items we can craft are shown below. The stats are a little better but they aren't close to being top items.  The special abilities (skill points) are identical to the items of the Venetian Condo. You can get +2 stamina when you craft items 4-6 or +3 defense when you craft items 7-10. You would think Zynga would have mixed t up. You can craft one item every 18 hours.
When you have enough parts to upgrade to Level 1, you will see the image of Tad's Gun Shop on the Build Your Empire Module and on the New York Property Page (if you activate it).
There are still 2 "Coming Soon" properties and I hope it's just because they forgot to remove them. We were told that there would be 3 new properties and I hate to think that we will have to do this every week. For now, let the spamming begin.

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