Sep 16, 2011

Power Pack Experiment: Phase 3


This is old news if you follow this blog but it's kind of fun to see how Zynga explains it. The Official Mafia Wars Blog has posted their song and dance about "The Power Pack Experiment". They claim it is in Phase 3 now but the fact that it only became an experiment once it hit Phase 2 is hilarious.
Power Packs
We are now entering Phase 3 of the Power Pack experiment. Power Packs can be considered an upgraded Stamina Pack, so we're excited to figure out the proper balance for this powerful feature.
If you had Power Packs in Phase 2, you will still have them in Phase 3, and here are the new details:
• Power Packs now provide a 125% stamina refill every 8 hours.
• Power Packs continue to provide a 200% health refill every 10 minutes if one chooses to use them to restore their health.
• Energy and Power Packs now share the same timer, so you're going to have to employ that ever-important strategy to timing your pack usage.
Entering Phase 3 means we are getting closer to determining the proper balance and a form of Power Packs to everyone. We appreciate your patience. The feature can be discussed in this forum thread.

Here is the translated version for those of you who don't understand Zyngonese.

So many of you bitched about wanting more stamina so we thought Stamina Packs would be cool. They were so cool that we decided to make them better and created Power Packs but only gave them to 50% of you. These beauties were a little bit too cool so we had no choice but to nerf them down and start calling it an experiment. Nobody was buying stamina refills anymore and the poor saps who never got them quit. They were still too powerful so we had to nerf them again and we are now calling this Phase 3. If we totally remove them, which we may, we will call it Phase 4 and thank you for playing.

It still blows my mind that they have fiddled with Power Packs so many times yet they can't give them to all players. Those who have them have had a huge advantage in the game and this has been going on for a month. Here is a secret message to Zynga from all of it's players.

(this video loops so turn it off after the first round)

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Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. I still don't have ANY version of power packs. I just checked and expected to have them show up in my account in light of "phase 3," but no. This is beyond ridiculous.

  2. LOL...nice translation. :D

  3. I haven't had them in any of the phases, if they at least made it so everyone had them for one phase of the proclaimed "experiment" then I'd be more happy, so far if I work it out, by not having them I'm between 1 and 200k stamina down on what I would have had, I can't be sure of which number it is though because of how frequently they've been changed

  4. I had the packs for a bit, but about a week ago they disappeared again. WTF? It is absolutely astonishing that a company that constantly talks about "leveling the playing field" would pull something like this. How is this fair???

  5. Still waiting and waiting and I am not quitting the game, but come on zynga, get your act together!

  6. First I had it for a few days then the power pack disappeared, then after a week, loading issues started and now it's virtually impossible to play the game.. Still they keep putting new things in the game without solving old issues!

    To me it seems like Zynga want to stop the game and make most people so annoyed they'll stop playing then pull the plug of the game.. That would probably result in legal cases from paying customers when Zynga stops the game when it is working properly.. Luckily I never "invested" a penny in the game!

  7. Well that just sux!! :(

  8. LOL! That was a wonderful way to put it. I love the humor even more, because like so many others, I have never had those "experimental packs." By the way, support doesn't see it as being a disadvantage not to get them. DUH! Can you say IQ of less than 60?

  9. Ive never had them......and ive complained lots of times and been told that i will get them shortly.......Zynga sucks ass!

  10. LOL I got them on a stamina account. But wait i level non stop without them.

  11. Still waiting for power packs. What a crock of shit. way to go zynga.

  12. lol i never had stam pack,, zynga unfair


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