Sep 26, 2011

The Grump Truck Bug


There has been so much stuff to post about that I completely forgot about the new Limited Time Buildable item in the Build Your Empire Module. Nobody really cares about these items and by now they are just a waste of blog space and time.  As with all the other features in the game, this one is also bugged. The new (well new about 6 days ago) item is the Grump Truck. It can be found in the Chop Shop, has stats of 41/72 and no skill points are tied to it. Like all the others before it, it's pretty useless.
To craft a Grump Truck, you need 10 Armored Plating building parts which are available through the free gift system.
Herein lies the problem. According to Mike Nestor's Armored Plating tally, he has a total of 40.
He accepted another one from the ZMC and the tally moved up to 41.
According to his Chop Shop, he has 0 of these items and he is unable to craft a Grump Truck.
Now go check you inventory for the Armored Plating part.....I'll wait.
You will find that the item does not exist in the inventory and is probably the reason you can't craft one directly through the Chop Shop.
The work around is easy. You can craft the item directly from the Build My Empire Module or pull up the old style Chop Shop by clicking the "See All" button.  Your Armored Plating parts will accurately show up in both places.  Not that anybody except a collector would want to do this.
For those who are wondering what a Grump Truck is, Nenad Kuc a Mafia Wars player who lives in Serbia, Europe states that the item is an artillery vehicle used by the Serbian Army.  The original name is a NORA B-52 which is a self propelled gun/howitzer that fires all standard NATO 155 mm ammunition.

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  1. This and other recent items provide an interesting insight into the Zynga mindset.

    Ripping off other people's ideas and using them in the game. I guess the Farmville Sheep are just lacking in creativity in their design decisions.

    You may recall, that several of the early loot items were direct ripoffs of other people's products. Notably, and there were others, were the Porsche 911 and the Hummer. Well they got changed to generic names and images after Zynga got beat on by the trademark holders of those items. If there was an apology, the players never saw it.

    Did Zynga and their army of attorneys learn anything from this?

    Of course not.

    Don't give up your day jobs!

  2. Speaking of bugs... when you get a kill in Chicago it will add 2 to the ice count in your mission. So far so good... the problem is that on the next ice, it subtracts 1!!! Clearly the 2 for the kill is only getting added to the displayed ice count, and not being recorded back at the server. It is absolutely astonishing just how many bugs exist in this game. It's like they don't test new stuff at *all* before releasing.


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