Sep 20, 2011

Early Access To Chicago: Raid The Speakeasy


The Raid The Speakeasy Marketplace Promotion is here. Zynga figured out a way to get players who want access to Chicago to spend their Reward Points.
I got a 50% discount offer on Reward Points as soon as I went to the Marketplace. I jumped on it because I know these don't usually last very long. Good thing I was not unframed.
I'm not going to go into a lot of details here. If you need to learn more, go to my post about the Last Days Of Summer Marketplace Promotion and substitute the term "Last Days Of Summer" with "Raid The Speakeasy". It's the exact same thing except the loot item you get after 15 progress ticks is a Bootlegger Bill.
There is one twist. If you get a Bootlegger Bill, you will get early access to Chicago.
I tried my energy account out and now I'm in. The cheapest way to do it is to buy 15 crates for 6 Reward Points each.

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  1. Don't buy the 3x crates for 18rp as they'll only count as one tick.

  2. And if you are on a pension and can't spend money, what then ?

  3. My Grandfather (A very wise man) once said to me
    "Do not have any trust or faith in any business that only looks after its big spending customers, a $1 to a poor man is far more than $1,000s to a rich one"

  4. I do not appreciate a game that requires me to "spend money" even reward points, just to be able to play the game. Totally unfair & I refuse to do so! So I guess I'm just left out of this one.

  5. I purchased 15 crates for 6 Reward Points each and was also lucky enough to find 1 Rare item in 1 of the crates to get the Treasure Hunter achievement.
    Earned on September 20, 2011
    Earned by finding a Rare Item in a Mystery Crate

  6. I contacted Zynga to complain some could access Chicago and was told it was being tested on a small group to iron out any problems.So ive been lied to aswell.!!

  7. ya know this seems to be full of crap I started playing all games cause it said I repeat said its "FREE" so now what about us that don't have the money or we just want to play for free huh?? nothing for us tell that to Zynga full of crap

  8. aren't you people getting to cute.

  9. theres is a way to get into chicago for free and loot as much stuff as possible and then send it to your real account when you actually have it.
    heres the annoying part... if you crate a new account you will instantly have chicago wich is fucking annoying and an insult to people who have played for ages

  10. Now that I've finished El Dorado, what weapons can I sell to get the cash to finish the rest of Brazil? Thanks!


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