Sep 13, 2011

Boss Fight Removed


In the continuing Boss Fight saga, the Boss Fight Home Page Module and the Boss Fight Page to include the Boss Tab have been removed. At least I had a chance to show you a sneak peek of what is probably to come.

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Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. Dont know how to get the pick up here but, there were 2 boss fights, before the took them away, I'll post the pic on mmlootlady

  2. Just wondering what happens to the loot families/clans would of recieved for completing Jeff?

  3. I'm beginning to notice a disturbing trend that I've been afraid was going to come about for quite some time. Since they made it so easy for people to get vast amounts of health skills, and w/ the reduction of the heal timer from both Brazil mastery & Family level bonuses cutting the time between trips to the hospital to a mere 40 seconds, people are becoming impossible to ice. I burned over 1.5k stamina on a bully the other night, beating the hell outta him every time, but couldn't ice him, because he had so much health that he could reheal b4 I could knock him below 20. Zynga, in their never-ending quest to cause us to burn more resources &, hopefully, spend more $$ on refills, has made enough of a miscalculation on this one that it stands the chance of making fighting pointless. The only reasonable solution that I can see is to increase the amount of time between reheals. However, knowing them, they'll probably do something stupid like charging RP's for early heals, instead. Reinforcing my belief is the Power Packs. What other possible reason could they have for making a health pack, when it's always been so easy to spend NY $$ for a refill if they aren't going to do away w/ that method? When that happens, they will have finally killed the game.

  4. The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Idiots do idiotic's just what they do. Being surprised, frustrated, or angered by that is a symptom of my lack of understanding...not their shortcomings. Sigh. I hate having my faults pointed out. Thanks, Zynga.

  5. Yep...the end is in sight. Endless 40% discounts on RP's cause no one will buy them otherwise. Harder and harder to get ices. Endless spinning bullets. I have never even seen the health packs. All I have is the 18-energy packs. I had a bunch of gold treasure chest keys that were saved up for some idle moment when i would use them all. They're gone. I never even tried to take advantage of the gold key glitch. The boss fights are boring. Given the steady decline in daily players and my steadily declining mob as players drop out I don't see how this game will sustain itself beyond the completely addicted credit card players. I've spent my last nickel on this game.

    PS - this blog is great...and the podcasts are both amusing and informative...don't give up your day jobs! hahaha

  6. The simplest reheal solution is not to allow them unless your health is below 20. That way people will get the ice. And those that care about not getting iced can simply plow their life savings into the health points. hahahaha

  7. I agree that Zynga has gotten way too greedy of late with their various methods of exhorting RP's out of you and making loot so expensive that only the diehard players pay for them.
    I haven't been able to ice anyone for weeks now and am thinking about giving up the fighting altogether for this reason.
    If Zynga continues down this road I shall cease playing altogether after having played now for over 2 years.
    Sad but true!


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