Aug 19, 2011

What's After Trillion: It Is Possible


It's been over a year since I posted a guide on how to get the What's After Trillion achievement. While I was putting it together, I remember thinking this is some messed up sh!t and worried I would never get there. I tried to justify blowing it off but it always irritated me to have a shadowed achievement. It was often the only achievement I didn't have. I dreamed of seeing this thing in color but had to look at the taunting shadow every time I checked in on my achievements.
To make it worse, there was a super easy glitch and many of my friends got all the money achievements in one click (1). I missed out.
If you weren't lucky enough to catch the glitch, the only option you have is to do the Agostino Cleto Boss Fight found in the Enforcer Tier of New York. There are other New York Boss Fights but this one has the highest payout.  It's not as simple as it sounds and there is a strategy to follow.
Some players make the mistake of upgrading their New York properties thinking this will be enough to get the What's After Trillion achievement. It's actually the worse thing you can do. The payout can't compare to what you would get if you kept your New York money out of the bank and used it to increase your Boss Fight payout. Due to a glitch that Zynga never bothered to rollback, my Mega Casino is a Level 15,811. My payout is about 240 billion every 48 hours. When you need 999 trillion, this isn't going to cut it. I would have wasted my New York cash to upgrade to this level.
Some also assume that doing the best paying job in New York, "Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don" found in the Boss Tier will get it done. The only time doing this job is better is when your unbanked cash is too low to yield a high payout for the Agostino Cleto Boss Fight. Depending on your class, each job will payout 57.5 million or 80.5 million.
In the example below, my class was a Mogul and I had plenty of Money Socks to get 50% more of a payout.
I got 16 and a half billion dollars using all my energy. I could have done 5 Agostino Cleto Boss Fights with the same amount of energy and got much more cash. It's up to you to determine when it will no longer be an advantage to do this job as your total energy and cash outside the bank will determine the answer.
It wasn't looking too good for me when I first started. I was only getting a little over 9 billion per fight. 999 Trillion seemed an eternity away. This was still better than doing the job mentioned above because I could do 5 Boss Fights with my energy and I made more money.
If you click on the "What's this?" help mark, you get some vague information from Zynga. There is also a blatant error. You are told that the Boss Fights "give much more experience per energy" than regular jobs. This is not true at all. The Agostino Cleto Boss Fight exp/energy ratio is a disappointing 1.40. All other jobs in the Enforcer Tier range from to 1.42 to 2.11.
The rules of the New York Boss Fights are simple and as usual Zynga doesn't supply you with all the information. Each fight will cost you 20% of your energy pool. It doesn't matter how much energy you have, you can only do 5 fights per total energy. You will be able to do 6 fights if you use an Energy Pack. In addition to having enough energy, you must have at least 40% of your health in order to initiate the fight. You also need at least 16 mafia members.  If you have enough energy and health, start the Agostino Cleto Boss Fight by going to the Enforcer Tier in New York and click on the "Fight" button located in the lower right corner of the Boss Fight Module.
You will have to take out the Bosses Henchmen Larry Fruger and Francis Jones first. You also get to bring two Henchmen to the fight and they will always be your current Bodyguard and Buttonman. If your Bodyguard and Buttonman have decent health scores, you won't lose any heath taking out these two fools.
Once the Henchmen are dead, you will get to confront Agostino Cleto. He only has 140 health and it's not a hard fight. A few clicks is all it takes. You can use your Boss Fight Consumables but they aren't really necessary unless you see your health is getting low. If other players are attacking you, you are at risk of losing so you need to be quick.
There are two things you need to be very careful of. One is you need to make sure that you don't have any other browsers or windows open with Mafia Wars open. This is especially true if you are using a script that travels in another window. You will often find that the Boss runs away even though you didn't click the button. The other is to make sure you don't click the "Run Away" button by mistake. You will notice a lot of screen jumping during this fight and it can easily happen. The best way to minimize the effect of the screen jumps and reduce the amount of scrolling you will need to do is to shrink your screen. I shrink mine all the way to 50% and I don't have to do any scrolling. If you do this fight at 100%, you will have to scroll up after every click and that gets really annoying really fast. For instructions on how to shrink your screen go here.
There are 3 possible outcomes of  the Agostino Cleto Boss Fight. You can win, lose or run away. You win if you get Agostino's health to zero, you lose if your health reaches zero and you run away if you click the Run Away button or something goes wrong with your game or your connection. If your computer crashes mid fight, it's an automatic Run Away. The risks and rewards are based off what is listed when you initiate the fight. You will win 0.18% of your cash on hand (cash outside of the bank).  You will lose 3 times this amount if Agostino Cleto beats you. You lose less if you run away. You only get experience if you win the fight.

Run Away
Because the cash payout is based off a percentage of what you have out of the bank, the payout for each fight will increase exponentially.  This is an extremely boring way to utilize your energy and the crappy ratio doesn't help you level. While working towards your money achievements, it's very important to keep your cash out of the bank at all times. If you bank it, you will lose 7% to banking fees.  As you work your way up, this amount will be much greater than what players will get for attacking you. NEVER bank your money. If you use scripts, you also need to be very careful that you disable any banking options. I saved screen shots of milestones along the way.  I was happy to reach 100 trillion but it still seemed I had a very long ways to go. It took months to reach this.
I didn't start to see a light at the end of the tunnel until I reached the half way mark. I knew the second half would go much faster than the first and that got me motivated. When my payout reached 1 trillion, I was really excited and people probably got sick of me bragging about it in the Skype rooms.
You can see my payout continued to increase with each milestone.
Once I got 100 trillion, I faced one of the questions I often get asked. Do I need to account for the 7% bank fees before I deposit the money? Zynga certainly doesn't make this clear. You can see on all the other money achievements, it states that the money must be deposited at once (after bank fee).
They don't mention any of this on the What's After Trillion?.  All it says is "Earned by depositing 999 Trillion Dollars".
The Mafia Wars Wiki Achievements Page provides the bank fee amounts for all money achievements except What's After Trillion. The 10% fee is listed because you need to vault the Money Laundering Collection to reduce your bank fees to 7%. The reason the What's After Trillion is different is because you don't have to deposit it all at once. If you are doing the Agnostino Cleto Boss Fight to earn your cash, it only makes sense to make a lump sum deposit because once the money goes into the bank, it stops applying to your payout.
I decided to take one for the team to demonstrate this even though I knew what the answer was. I went a little over 999 Trillion to rule out any rounding that may take place in the back code.
The money was deposited, the fees were subtracted but nothing happened. I did not get the What's After Trillion achievement. The answer became very clear. You need to deposit 999 trillion dollars plus the additional money to cover the bank fees. You also need to factor in the bank fees that will be taken out of the additional bank fee money so your looking to deposit around 1 quadrillion and 75 trillion dollars. The game  only counts the money after it's deposited.
I withdrew the 931 trillion I was left with and went back to Agostino. I didn't make the next deposit until I had all the bank fees in addition to the 999 trillion. I guess we find out even before we get the achievement "What's After Trillion". That was annoying.
This time it worked. My account balance was more than 999 trillion dollars....
...and I finally got the What's After Trillion achievement. What really sucked is I was super excited to brag about it and when I clicked on the "Share the wealth" button, nothing happened. I was Zynga'd.
I now have every achievement there is minus the ones that were pulled. Too bad the game can't count. Notice the popup shown above says "which is one of 5 left".  Three of these are the New Top Mafia achievements which were pulled and one is that ridiculous Raven achievement which was also pulled.  The last one is the "one of 5" is the achievement I just got. The wording makes no sense but that's just the way it is. The count on my Achievement Page is also off by one. This is the pulled Raven achievement. They should really fix that as achievements are a big deal to a lot of players.
There was a major celebration in my head when I finally got the achievement. I know excessive bragging is obnoxious but I couldn't help myself. If my news feed post would have worked, I could have saved it for my mafia. Who am I kidding? You know I slapped a screen shot on my wall but let's look at it one more time.
Now start dancing, drinks are on me, I have a lot of cash!!!

P.S. If this whole Boss Fight thing is too much to deal with, Customer Support will probably just give it to you. Many players have e-mailed me with transcripts. Notice this player has the What's After Trillion achievement but not the Nest Egg. There is currently a bug on some accounts and the Boss runs away every time. Rather than fix the issue they will probably just give you the achievement.

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Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. "You will win 0.18% of your cash on hand (cash outside of the bank). "
    For me it is only 0.018%

    1. just figured you'll have to do the boss fight about 2563 times after you hit 10 trill, at 5 times a day that's 513 days.

  2. I've been posting progress on Nest Egg and What's After Trillion on the MwG board.
    One useful item is an Excel formula to calculate the number of Cleto fights to get you where you want to go:


    Where LN is the natural log function (the inverse of the exponential), A1 is the cell containing your current amount of money, A2 is the cell containing how much money you're going for, and .0018 is not only the percentage you get from each fight, but also the natural log of (1+that percentage). Use 1.075 quadrillion in A2 and you'll be set.

  3. Thanks!
    just tried it, but my account have the bug... Always runs away :)
    But i got from customer support 40RP, 5 skill points and a full energy and stamina recharge :)
    I'll try it later

  4. wow - congratulations, what an effort. You've really worked on that.

    My 1.5 trillion seems so tiny. Wish I had 15000 mega casinos! Well, 10 T & 999 T plus Raven 10 are the only things in the game left for me to do. Still undecided whether that's enough or should I try for 10 T. Cleto is so boring!
    Well done again.

  5. LOL, congrats on clearing this obsession of yours, what? :P

  6. Congratulations, that was awesome. I know you were close to giving up at least one time, but you did. Amazing!

  7. I guess you can quit now :-)

  8. @anonymous #1, it's 1/555 of you cash on hand. That comes out to 0.18%, you lost a zero somewhere. 1/555 = 0.0018 X 100 = 0.18%.

    Thanks all :)

  9. My bug is I have all scripts NOT to bank in NY, but it seems to BANK when I have 3 pages open at one time and return there to fight on script?
    So I cannot get to 500000K outside bank!


  10. lol I need another 3534 Fights on Cleto to get there :D

  11. Quick formula to get the minimum amount to deposit for any of these achievements is


    NOT CASH * 1.07 (which will fall just short)

    assuming you vaulted the Dirty Laundry

  12. Thanks for the formula, Joel. I saved that. Only 1015 more for me! Woot!

  13. Great article Jennifer!! I missed out on the glitch too but now Cleto is for it!!!! TY :)

  14. not banking the money...i tried it and it was stripped down in no time . i lose hell of a chunk while beign attacked so it's still pretty impossible for me :) wtg Jen

  15. Another strategy note: With all the bonus energy, experience and stamina available these days between power packs, fighter's refill, energy packs, mini packs, Brazil, boosts from mystery bags, and the wonderful-if-not-as-good-as-they-were ratios in Smuggler's Haven, you should be able to do about 70 or more Cleto fights every day, without spending money on energy refills. Over the last couple days, I've averaged 78. Considering that i's only 2600-odd fights to go from Nest Egg to What's After Trillion, that's only about 37 days.

  16. Thank you Joel for the formula! Thank you Jennifer for the 50% tip. I feel stupid that I have fought the fight screen for 8 months without thinking of doing that.

  17. @Dred: If you're losing all your cash, you either don't have enough cash to not care about getting iced, your defense is too low, your health is too high -- all those things mean it takes too many hits to ice you. At 1666 health, I only lose about 9-10 million: Chump change. Consider moving your points around a bit next time you get a chance.

    The other possibility? You're fighting in NYC. Quit it. Not only are you paying to heal, you're healing yourself constantly, and you're losing money in fights -- attacks and defense. Go fight in Italy (imho best for # of ices per stamina) or Brazil (imho best for XP per stamina plus quickest burn to get to the next level).

  18. don't leave your character in NY either... park it in Italy or Brazil. You can't lose NY money if your character is elsewhere. Or so I understand. I lost 20 million in Vegas the other night when I forget to park in Italy.

  19. BOSS FIGHT: You've shown your capo that you can be depended on to do anything that's asked of you. Further your rep by taking on the most difficult jobs yet.

    You faced Agostino Cleto and forced him into seeing things your way. He won't be bothering you for a long time.

    You earned $150,900 for defeating this boss. It cost you 503 energy points and brought you 704 experience points

  20. Thx! :D im getting 556,805, hope it goes up fast :(

  21. id doesn't work on me I lost 25% in five wins only one robed me when I was doing it I lost more than what i won. it will take me a few months to get what I had.

  22. This isn't working - I'm taking him right down to where the next blow kills him, but as I deliver the death blow, it tells me I RAN AWAY and I lose billions.

    1. you must have had MW running on multiple tabs with at least one tab running a script? Stop all script(s) be4 you do boss fight, or you lose the fight and run away.

  23. I get this from the Boss fight, each time I do it. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

    You earned $564,000 for defeating this boss. It cost you 1880 energy points and brought you 2632 experience points.

  24. I collect bounties of $800,000,000,000. A few of these every day helps a lot.

  25. I just now started this a couple months ago as it is the last achievement for me to get. I started on Sept. 8 with 4 trillion and I am at 325 trillion now. I am not on a lot but it is really adding up in the time I am. Thanks Jen for the post.

  26. As my last posted stated I started this on Spetember 8, 2012 with 4 trillion and got the achievement on November 17, 2012 with depositing 1,085,000,000,000,000. Thanks again MWLL for the post on this. For those that don't have it a good rule of thumb that helps is too collect all you double bonuses from London, Brazil and Chicago. You get more than than 5 or 6 fights and the Chicago bonus in health will help you get through it a few times while others are probably attacking you as well.

  27. F*** that achievement, seems to be something for people who have too much time or no friends at all....

  28. I think it's a bit difficult to understand for easiest explanation possible?

  29. Has anyone noticed that the boss fight boosts have disappeared (shiv etc.)?
    Now you can only attack or run away, no combos.

    1. Today my boosts are back for boss fights! Very odd as they had disappeared for at least the last 2 weeks.

  30. I noticed my percentage I get from the boss fight per fight has gone down recently. I used to get an increase of approximately 50 million per fight but now it has gone down to 32 million... I have 10 trillion outside the bank currently. (haven't gotten nest egg achievement yet, either).

    1. I have about $10 trillion outside the bank like yourself and I fight Agostino Cleto boss. At present I get about $52 billion per fight using 1005 energy per fight. If you are only getting $32 million per fight then you might find it is more worthwhile doing the "Make arrangements for a visiting don" job at 36 energy for $57.5 million

    2. Apologies I just checked and the risk per fight is $52 billion not the payout.The payout at the level mentioned above for me is $18 billion per fight.

  31. How can you change the Maniac to other?

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.


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