Aug 30, 2011

This & Next Week 8/29/2011


I asked a few posts down what happened to This & Next Week and now it is here. Since it's officially Next Week, This Week is really Last Week and Next Week is really This Week. It's not as confusing as it sounds.
As usual, who cares about last week? At least they mentioned the "Power Pack Experiment". Usually the nerfs get conveniently omitted.

Power Pack Experiment Entered Phase 2
Entering Phase 2 means we are getting closer to determining the proper balance and releasing some form of Power Packs to everyone.
Translation: Ok, here's the deal...We kind of messed up and realized after the fact that 125% Stamina Refills every 8 hours was too much. Our sales of Stamina Refills fell off the chart. We had to put an end to that nonsense ASAP so we devised a plan.  Telling you that these Power Packs were experimental was just a cover. We know that many of you don't have any type of Power Packs at this time and we are hoping you will continue to buy Stamina Refills. Once we've recouped our loses, we will give the nerfed down versions to everybody.  

We already know most of next week but there are a few surprises.

Coming This Week*

Temporary Visa: Return To Cuba!
Your chance has come to sneak back into Cuba. Be sure to hurry, though, as the Neo-Imperium won’t be fooled for long.
Translation:  There was a rumor going around that the older cities were riddled with exploits and we couldn't keep up with the server demands (1).  This "Event" was simply created out of spite to show you that it's not true. We know there are way too many Polotico Corruptos floating around.  We magically changed them to Cuban Mercenaries to add some flare to one of our most boring destinations.

Mission Event: Return To Cuba
We've been given a tip that the Neo-Imperium have lowered their guard in Cuba. Now's your chance to take back what's yours!
Translation:  You didn't think a week would go by without a new Mission did you? We themed this one after our grand reopening of Cuba and threw in the that old worn out Neo-Imperium story line. Have you even figured out what in the hell it's about? We sure haven't.

Phobia Crates
If you think you're not afraid of anything, you will be after you see the 8 fears we've boxed up!
Translation:  The faster we update these things, the more Reward Points you spend. Don't you know these things become obsolete?  We get a kick out of offering old Crate items in the Inventory for 1 or 2 reward Points each. That's what you should be afraid of. 

NYC Buildable Items Upgrade
High-level items buildable in NYC properties get the Bronze Star treatment.
Translation:  Since none of you are building our Limited Time items, we are going to add some cool loot worth building. We will probably forget to add skills so you will have to struggle with the decision of what to craft. 

*As far as currently scheduled, but things can change.

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  1. jen, that was a precise translation. thanks :)tile kolup on MW

  2. Dear God, another freaking mission?! They always manage to get at least 1 of mission sections to be too time consuming for the time limit. So you have to spend reward points to catch up.

    I don't build the limited edition stuff, I just build stuff for the attack/defense skill points.

  3. they forgot to mention the bug fixes hahahahaha

    No more bugs in this game maybe ;)


  4. yep, that's about right

  5. New Cuba achievement.
    Return To Cuba
    In Progress (0/6)
    Earned by mastering Cuban Job tiers up to Ruby.


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