Aug 4, 2011

Family Mission


Now that I have the Family Mission, I was able to figure this thing out. For all the details on the Family Module changes, go here.  By participating in Family Missions, you get rewards and your Family get experience. Find the Family Mission on your Missions Bar. There will be a Family icon. Click on it and your Family Mission will open up.
You will find all the tasks you need to do as outlined on the Family Page. The number of ices, job experience, property crafting points and helping tasks (with instructions) are listed in the objectives.
Once you master each task, a "collect" buttons will appear.
You will get the experience listed under the bonus section when you collect on each task.
Your Family will also get experience that will be added to the progress bar on the Family Page.
The Property Task is a little confusing. It says to "Upgrade your NY Properties and craft powerful items", the number inside the bar indicates how many points you need. You get one point per level of your property. In the case below, I built a Power Armor from my Armory which is at a Level 15, so I got 15 points.
I needed 15 points to complete the task.
And this was all it took. I was able to collect and I received 1,547 experience and my Family got 200.
Although is says to upgrade your NY Properties, you only get points for crafting. This is Zynga's way to encourage you to upgrade your buildable properties. Upgrading other properties in New York will do nothing for this task so don't waste your time or money trying.
Here are the instructions for collecting on your properties. It would be nice to get a point breakdown but I'm pretty sure it's one point per craft per level of your property.
I got 3 points for declaring one war on the Helper task.
Here is the point system for other things you can do to get credit for the Helper part of the Mission.
These are the requirements for each level of each task of the Family Mission which will probably be reoccurring for a long time to come.
Bronze: 5
Silver: 20
Gold: 125
 Jobs (experience)
Bronze: 100
Silver: 900
Gold: 9,000
Property (points)
Bronze: 5
Silver: 15
Gold: 40
Helper (points)
Bronze: 5
Silver: 20
Gold: 75
There is a 24 hour timer on the Mission and it will reset on 12:00 am Zynga Time (PDT) everyday.
Once the timer resets, all progress from the previous day will be lost and you get to start all over.
Once you complete all tasks on the Gold Level, the will be checked and you must wait out the timer to start again (thanks to Ronit of the {ASS} Family for the screen shot).
There are a total of 10 Levels and each one has a unique perk that will at something valuable to your character.
LevelPerk Description
1Ambitious I-Restore energy 5% faster

-Store +1 energy pack (6 total)
2Well Connected -Get 4 hired guns per request for 501 Mafia

-+500 Mafia ATT/+500 DEF

-10% less damage in losses
3Industrious -Upgrade faster with one less construction part of each type needed

-5% chance to loot 2X parts.
4Grudge Holder -Add 10 more players to your Family Rivals list

-Get extra loot from helping in Operations
5Ambitious II -Restore energy 10% faster

-Store +1 energy pack (7 total)
-Do more damage from Power attacks

-Get +500 Mafia ATT/+500 DEF

-20% less damage in losses
-10% chance to loot 2X Property parts.
8Loot and Pillage-Get extra loot when you help in Wars

-Add 10 more players to Family Rivals list
9Ambitious III -Restore energy 15% faster

-Store +1 energy pack (8 total)
-Restore stamina 10% faster

-Cut timer by 2 hours to Declare War every 6 hours

-Get +500 Mafia ATT/+500 DEF

The {ASS} Family is plugging along and we almost have our second perk. Once this is better clarified by Zynga, it will probably be a lot of fun. I'm not on the Leaderboard but at least I helped a little.
Once you reach the next level, all members in the Family will get a popup with their latest perk. This should make up for some of the lost equipment scores from the war loot rollback.

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Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. This feature is nice although im having an issue with the upgrading NY properties. I have upgraded all properties 100x and it isnt registering. Everything else is working correctly :D

  2. zynga mislabeled the event, you have to build items to get points to level pass the bars.

  3. i think they mean the build p[roperties not the pay $ and up[grade ones,that would be too simple i guess..

  4. to get the Family Perk does all family members have to finish all aspects of the mission ?

  5. When will everyone be able to start this. Our family dont have it yet

  6. I created a family today so that I get these missions but they didn't appear (yes I refreshed many times), it is again is Zynga slow-roll-out mode?

  7. would be nice if i had this feature no one in my family has it....

  8. ofc so there are already people that are stronger then other again zyngaed again guys

  9. yeah looks like a slow roll out, i don't have any of the new family module stuff yet. i wouldn't be surprised at all if when i finally get it, my family has already completed it :/

  10. "Once the timer resets, all progress from the previous day will be lost and you get to start all over."

    will the family progress bar also be reset after 24 hours?

  11. If you have to wait, for the clock to reset, how is anyone working on the second set????, that makes no sense, some one please explain

  12. these accomplishments give out a metric butt-load of experience -- remember to save your silver and gold rewards to boost past a level

  13. how do they calculate main progress for your family?

  14. Nice, but how come my family and I don't have it yet?

  15. My family hasn't gotten this yet.
    Is it still in beta?

  16. My family hasn't gotten this yet.
    Is it still in beta?

  17. 4 days later its still not been rolled out to all families there answer is its being slowly rolled out and no time frame on it. so the real answer is it will be a catch up game for all who dont have it and zynga dont have an answer on anything other than script talk

  18. My progress bars have totally different values. Silvers ices is 140, jobs is 6300, props is 105 and helpers is 140. Also they are on a 5 day reset vs a 24 hour reset. Typical Zynga, giving different functionality to different severs.

  19. My family are lvl 3 and we still havent received the +500 mafia atk/def from the lvl 2 reward, is this something to worry about or will all perks be credited at a later time (ie when event restarts or later ?)


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