Aug 29, 2011

Facebook Privacy Settings Change


The Facebook Privacy Settings Page has changed. It might be a good idea to go through each item and make sure your settings are still the way you want them.


One thing that was added was auto tagging which means that if one of your friends uploads a photo that looks like you, it will automatically be tagged. To stop that from happening, go to your new Privacy Setting Page and look for the "How Tags Work" section. Click on "Edit Settings".
You will get a popup window and select "Edit" next to Tag Suggestions.
Now click on the drop down menu located in the lower right corner and select "Disabled". Facebook loves to implement these features with an "Enabled" default setting.
I reviewed photo tagging and recommended Privacy Settings that will prevent you from getting tagged by a scammer here.  To learn more about the Privacy Settings go to the Facebook Privacy Page.

Thanks to Ice Pick for the information about auto tagging.

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Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. As soon as I saw your article on auto tagging I went to privacy settings on my accounts and did as you suggested. I don't want anyone to have the right to tag a pic that "looks" like me and put my name to it. I already had "salesman" somehow get hold of my account and was sending messages to me asking me why I wasn't buying from him when his prices were so good and he even offered to send desired items first and let me pay later!!! How he got my info had to be from someone tagging and putting my name and link to the pic. and I get this creep as a result of it. Your advice is worth it's weight in gold. I wasn't aware of this change until I checked your post this morning and thank god I did. Next step is to warn everyone else on fb as to what the almighty creators have been doing with our privacy-again without permission as usual. I read your posts everyday and always get some useful info from it. If I wasn't cut off from my funds-long story-I would gladly send you and your friends that add their gold to this website my weekly income but husband holds the purse strings so I hope a big THANK YOU will suffice.LisaCoyote

  2. Ditto Lisa, and Thank you Loot Lady!

  3. And how can i switch to the before version, becous i`m not much into the new one i want the old privacy settings??? pls pls if someone knows how to change that pls let me know!


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