Aug 24, 2011

Ammo Bugs & Drop Rates


Many players, including me, are having issues with the Ammo items for the Family Boss Fight. We have this nice "Get More Ammo" button before entering the fight.
When I click on it it, all I see is that I have zero Rifle Rounds.
This actually isn't a bug, it's a "not knowing how to use the damn thing" issue. [MWL] Ballbusting Bastard explained to me that you have to click on "Get More Ammo" then hover your mouse over the image and a big "ASK" will appear. Click on this to generate your feed post.
In theory, we are suppose to be able to ask our mafia for more Rifle Rounds once a day. You can see the last time I was able to do this was over a day and half ago.

You get a Rifle Round if you send one to your mafia members so I wasn't too concerned about this because in theory, we can only get 20 a day which includes the ones you ask for. The problem here is I get the message "You have already collected 20 Rifle Rounds today".
I haven't collected any for two days and my Rifle Round count is a big zero.
I wasn't about to give up so I did a 5 hour scan of my news feeds using the Stream Scanner by Team Spockholm. Use the "Epicclanboss" tab to get to the Ammo posts. Team Spockholm does not name these tabs, they are based on the code. Zynga is still calling using the term clan to describe Families in the back code.
I was able to run through a whole lot of posts and I did get some Rifle Rounds from it. According to the log, the vast majority of these posts came back as "You have already collected 20 Rifle Rounds today.".
I was able to get 8 Rifle Rounds. I did several more scans and 8 was all I got even though I was told I collected 20.  I do know some players who were able to collect more than 20 from the feeds. They had to use them up as they went but there wasn't a cap. I would try my luck and see what category you fall in. It's typical that Zynga can't get this one right and it reminds me of the war loot. Some accounts can't even get 20 and some accounts can get as many as they want. I wonder if they will steal ammo items too?
You can see in the image above that I have more than 20 Backstabs and Sucker Punches. We were told we could only hold 20 at a time but I suspect that only applies to Rifle Rounds but I haven't gotten enough Rifle of them to verify.  It kind of sucks because Rifle Rounds do the most damage when compared to the other Ammo items and they are needed for all but one of the combos.
Many players are also reporting that the other ammo items simply don't drop from fights, jobs and robs. I found the Backstabs drop at almost 100% in Brazil (to include The Smuggler's Haven jobs) and if the Lockpick bonus is used, you get 2 instead of one.
When fighting, they drop around 1 per 1,000 stamina. I've done a few runs to verify this. Here is a 9006 stamina run and I got 8 Sucker Punches. The 9th one probably would have dropped soon but I wanted to do some robbing.
I haven't been robbing much but didn't have an issue here either.
Here is a small robbing run. I used 5,613 stamina and got 10 Crowbar Swings.

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Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. I can't get past the dialog box that wants me to select Bruiser, Arsonist or Racketeer. I click on one, and nothing happens.

  2. When you click on "get more ammo" and get the zero bullets, click on the zero bullets and THEN an 'ask' comes up that will post :)

  3. when you see the get ammo button, click on it and then mouse over the picture of the bullets and a button will appear on top of the bullets. this is how it works for me, dunno if its not showing up for you but you need to mouse over the bullets to get the link to post to your news feed.

  4. When you click on the " GET MORE AMMO" and the bullets drop down, you need to click on them to ask for more..strange I know but it is zynga ya know..

  5. i hate this event...very low drop rate and you can only collect 20 ammo rounds per day...

  6. That is so true. A lot of bugs can be seen too.


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