Jun 8, 2011

New Fight Boost Review


Yesterday I told you about the two new fighting boosts that are available on the Free Gift Page (1). They currently aren't available in the Marketplace which seems odd but I'm sure Zynga will jump on this oversight as soon as they realize it. Today I had some time to try these boosts out and the first thing I noticed is there has already been a change. Instead of one boost per gift request, we now get 3.
During the Put 'Em On Ice Event, Hollow Points and A19 Riot Shields were available on the Free Gift page. I pointed out some of the major issues we encountered and found the new boosts have the same ones. We can create links on the Link-a-Nator and accept them from the Get-a-Nator.
As with the Hollow Points and A19 Riot Shields, I found sometime they worked but many times I got ig-19 Error Pigs instead (1).
What is interesting is the the ig-19 Error Pigs list an entirely different item just like the Hollow Points and the A10 Riot Shields did (1). The Absinthe ig-19 Error Pigs says the item is a Cupid's Tommy Gun and the Jukeboxes say a St. Valentine's Shotgun.
I had to look these up just out of curiosity.
Now on to the business at hand. Once you collect these boosts, you will find them on your Boost Page from the Inventory Tab. In the new Fight Module, they work the same as the Hollow Points and A19 Riot Shields, go here if you need to review.
Many are asking if these boosts are better than the Hollow Points and the A19 Riot Shields. The answer is yes if your attack and defense skills are greater than 400. 25% of your total attack or defense skills are added to your attack or defense skill for one attack per boost. You have the ability to turn the boosts on or off. I found a strong player on the hitlist and attacked them one time. You can see with my boosts turned off my attack skills are 4,711.
When the boost is turned on, they increase to 5,889. When you do reverse math, it's 25% (4,711 X 0.25 = 1,178, 4,711 + 1,178 = 5,889). This is way better than a Hollow Point which increases my attack skills by only +100. Too bad it did me no good in the fight below.
It's difficult to test the defense boosts. I turned my boosts on and took screen shots before and after a few minutes went by. I only lost 3 Jukeboxes but I was attacked way more times than 3 so I'm not sure why they aren't being used for every attack against you. Maybe they only work with the new Fight Module is the only possibility I can think of. It would be great if they were only utilized if they would help you.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. Just curious what kind of fighter is that?
    Could you please email it me on FB? That would be much appreciated!

  2. Hollow Points and the A19 Riot Shields, why these didnt display on my gift page?
    I dont see any new Fight Module...I have the old crap...neither I had the scret stash[which appears on operations tab for other]...
    Is it me only, or there are others who did access to these new features?

  3. *didnt access*

  4. "Maybe they only work with the new Fight Module is the only possibility I can think of." I still have the old fighting shizzle and they are all gone, so no. ;)

  5. Kevin Fenten SnrJune 8, 2011 at 4:59 PM

    The boosts work with the old fight module, I still have that and noticed the increase in my skills when attacking. And have noticed the def boost working on people I have attacked.

  6. how do you turn boost on and off?

  7. Whats average for attack and defense points? I was really surprised to find I'm stronger than MW Loot Lady. My Attack is 6100 DEF 4100 Level 1889


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