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May 6, 2011

Mafia Wars Statistics


I was checking out the Application Leaderboard on All Facebook and noticed a pattern of small peaks and larger troughs on the Daily Active User plot. We see many players announce that they are quitting in the news feeds only to find them back a few days or a week later. Recently more so than not, they leave for good. I suspect the small peaks come from returning players and the troughs are those who kicked the Mafia War habit for good.
The Monthly Active User data should really get the attention of Zynga. Over 6 million players who logged in 30 days ago decided not to come back. That is one of the biggest drops this game has seen. Too many events, changes and updates focusing on spam is driving players away. Zynga knows this as we advise them of it all the time. Why they aren't changing their ways is beyond me. Today's rash of new features is a perfect example of what not to do. The monthly growth may improve due to the fact that there won't be enough player left for the numbers to get worse. It should be evident to them by now that what ever it is they are doing to attract new players isn't working.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. i almost quit yesterday after seeing more begging for secret stashes...begging will not attract more players and eventually itll drive away their regular players. what a shame.

  2. they may think this new 'crack the safe' promo is saving them when actually joining forces with already existant players isnt generating new players. id be so turned off by the spam if i was a new player checking out the game.

  3. Dear Lootlady, There is another possible reason for the drop in play, although i believe Zynga is losing player due to their own hand, I also believe that many people who at one time played with multiple accounts have made it to levels where only 1 Alt is needed, ex: when i first started I used 9 accounts, Me, My alt, my 6 kids, and a friend of the kids, now I only use Me and my alt, the other 7 accounts don't even play MW any more. Also Spring is here and more and more people are heading out side into the real world, and only log in once or twice a week. Just thinking out loud.


  4. One reason I'm contemplating quiting is that there is very little loot, without using massive amounts of money, that improve my stats. You used to be able to do jobs over and over again with high end loot and improve your character. Now the loot drops for those items are random and don't drop as often as the low end. Why the heck am I still getting NY loot in Brazil? Robbing loot is even worse. Fighting loot drops are getting pretty poor for HEL too.

  5. My brother called me 2 days ago and said he quit. 2 plus years of non stop playing. Same reasons as everyone else. Too much to do, to much begging, spam. I am not sure I have 2 real friends that play anymore. The rest of my mafia is just that, mafia players not friends.

  6. yes there are many reasons why people are leaving and one is the pompus attitude of a half worthy supplier that gives a fk not what it costs to feed players properly and this peep wonders if the dog Zinga ever really got much attention. I think that now the money has been made (and swissed)its more of a cover the books by spamming its own system so that new investors get caught with the hiccups. Places like softbank will not playball for long with weaker players and just liquidate/merge so in the end its bye bye for us all same as in myspace. Ahhhhhh what ya gunna do...

  7. many of those non returning players are banned accounts as zynga is on witch hunt again+ the fun is gone, if you use scripts you get warning "pay us or we will ban you"

  8. I want to add my 2 cent's
    Like Evad, I have a few feeder energy accounts that I now only monthly play. With the lack of high end loots to be transferred, the mysterybag doesnt suffice for me, I now only play the main a/c and with fighting in brazil, that is only ever 30 hrs or so. I have given up on the spam friends now, just play the game and accept what ever comes along.
    I believe that Zynga is following its own agenda for this game, which is strange with its once high FB rankings. We will get to a core of players, but will these be enough to warranty the investment by Zynga on operational support for the game, it remains to be seen.

  9. Zynga's logic is probably this - get the deadwood out of the game (the non-paying players) and leave only the paying players left. The drop in statistics wouldn't worry them if that was their plan.

    It's certainly the case that a CC player would be less likely to quit than a non-CC player. They are only going to start worrying if their revenue drops.

  10. @Darkling... How do you know their revenue isn't dropping? That may explain a lot of the recent changes, not that the new Secret stash or Crack the Safe are profit centers per se, but the second most powerful word in Advertising is "New" (behind "Free"). It is interesting that the Drop off happened so precipitously, starting around April 15.
    What happened then?
    I think they need another new region, more than incremental changes to existing stuff in the game. I don't have the exact dates, but I think I finished with Brazil in early April*. It could be a wave of players finished it then as well.

  11. I played daily for almost 2 years. I have not played Mafia Wars in over 10 days. I am sick of having to acquire so many gifts to get the rewards. It is always well over 100 gifts. I am thinking I have kicked my Mafia Wars addiction. Besides we know the trend on stats for newly released items. Why not take a break and wait for the 4th and 5th generation High end Loot to come out instead of trying to get 500 each time until then. Also the XP continuous nerfs on jobs have really irritated me as well as % of loot drops.

  12. never run in my life so much,and never begged so much...im one step before quit this game too....for 2 years i was daily player over than 15 hours manual gaming....but now this make my daily to feel so tired...so empty.

  13. what i dont understand is why they continue to release special events and expnad properties so u have to beg for items u have gifted away for months and ignore the lame crime spree loot and can not unlock episode 2 in Atlantic City yet.

    I am stuck in a rut and do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am tired of using my entire energy pack and only get out of it 12 clicks in brazil.


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