Mar 3, 2011

Zynga Apologizes to the Thai Players


There was some controversy over the image used for the Massacre In Moscow.  The newsflash located in the lower right corner said "Thai King Deported". The Mafia Wars Thai players took offense to this and made it known on Get Satisfaction. The Thai King is greatly respected and in their culture it's not cool to make fun or create spoofs. The Thai King in question is the fictional character from our game but his name is too close to the real Thai King.
To read more, here is the Get Satisfaction Thread which notified Zynga of the issue.
If you think Get Satisfaction doesn't work, here is a direct result that proves it does (1). It also shows that Zynga cares about other cultures and was not aware that this was something that would be portrayed as disrespect. Here is the Zynga Forum post which addresses this issue and provides an apology and a solution.

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Default Thai King Deported

Message From The Team:

This was a misunderstanding on my part. The "King" referred to in the newspaper is the "Shadow King", a fictional character that is the boss of Episode 7 of Bangkok. No disrespect was intended to the real Thai King, and I'm sorry for the confusion. The storyline for the next Mission Event will make this clear.

We will be changing the text of the newspaper to avoid further confusion.

Thank you for playing Mafia Wars, and I hope you will be happy with this explanation. Please participate in these events - the storyline is building up to something very big!

Thank you,

Game Designer - Mafia Wars

And here is the new graphic that now says Unrest In Thailand. Next time they should just use an image of President Obama.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. So is this leading up to Bangkok closing too??

  2. I'm not an Obama fan but my wife is. I can tell you from conversations [[i.e. arguements]] that if Z ever dared to diss the Holy One they would find themselves in a burning building and be dragged thru the streets naked then dismembered. Same seems to go with the Palin worshipers. Do not what is right for the country do what you Tin God tells you to do.

  3. Hmm, 14 people complain on what's essentially a non-official forum, and Zynga "fixes" the problem within hours. Thousands of people complain about major bugs on the official forums and get ignored for months on end. Typical Zynga.

  4. Its not the first time zynga FU about the King Of Thailand. When they started Bangkok they had a picture of him on a bill so they should know better.
    To Anonymous maybe only a few complain in the forum but i bet all who are from Thailand who saw it send Zynga a mail.

  5. Seal here ,
    Hi Jenny,
    So just an observation, When they posted the one for cuba, it said Moscow boss was dead,, and now they posted Moscow, it says, unrest in Thailand, or Thai king deported, DOES THIS MEAN BANKOK WILL BE GONE NEXT . ??? i just have a big feeling it will ;-)

    Seal Chanco

  6. no way!!!
    i'm still far from mastering bangkok

  7. Zynga offended Thai players with a slur against their King. Zynga apologized, appropriately. Now, shouldn't you do the same for the shot at President Obama? I am offended by your disrespectful comment. A national leader deserves respect, no matter the country. Please respond quickly with an apology and a retraction! And, no, this is not a joke. I'm seriously pissed!!!

  8. @givemeareason: Knock off the racist slurs! It just simply displays your jingoistic lack of class and intelligence.

  9. @givemeareason: I don't condone racists comments and have removed your comment. If I see more, I will moderate my comments and they will be posted hours after the fact.
    @Anonymous #6, in America the culture dictates that if a national leader who you did not vote for and are not happy with what he has done thus far, a small jab is in order. If I held a government job, I wouldn't have said that. I'm just a blog writer and if President Obama reads that then maybe he will change to prevent being made fun of in the media! If you can't handle it, stop reading this blog and definitely stay away from Fox News.

  10. im done with all cities and im happy that zinga is doing this with the cities. i havent played moscow in over a year and was nice to do something there. bangkok next? gosh i hope so. switching it up is so nice. so many players are jumping to italy and las vegas where as the older group of mw players had to grind it out in moscow and bangkok.


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