Mar 11, 2011

Quick Updates


I found time to make a quick post about some recent changes and updates. Sorry there isn't time for more detail but here are the basics.

Cuba and Moscow removed from Atlantic City Mobile Property Page
We can no longer collect on our from our properties from Cuba and Moscow via Atlantic City as they have been removed.  The only thing you can do with your Rubles and Pesos is convert them into Vegas Chips.
New Recruit Loot Item
I've always said the loot item offered to recruit get a brand new player and keep them interested long enough to make it to Level 25 wasn't worth the effort.  This has all changed. The stats of the Master have increased and there are 4 Levels. Each new recruit  you get to Level 25 will increase your mastery. We aren't sure of all the stats yet but check the Mafia Wars Wiki Master Page for updates.  In addition to the My Mafia section, the My Recruit Page will also appear on the Build Your Empire Module located on the Home Page.
New Energy Packs
Instead of the one lump sum of an energy refill plus 25%, we are no going to get 6 Energy Packs that contain 25% of your energy. The Energy Packs have been renamed to Mini Energy Packs. This isn't on all accounts yet. The good thing is we can use these to level when we are too close to waste a complete energy pack, the bad news is that the large 125% Energy Pack is gone. The worse news is we will have to start asking for and sending Mini Energy Packs and that means more spam.  It does say "For a limited time" and what that means is if we love them, they will get nerfed and if we don't they may listen and keep the old Energy Pack.
Thanks to Da Irish Kid for sending me the screen shots.
Satellite Phones
I'm not sure why but if you are in need of Satellite Phones to complete the Battle In Bangkok Mission, there is anther option. Maybe Zynga added this to help players finish the Mission on time as there is a lot of pressure for many players to do so. If you send one of your mafia members satellite phones, then you will get credit for them. I missed this on the Mission Walk Through as I just farmed them. This will really help players without a lot of energy and it was really nice of Zynga to do this.
Before Sending Satellite Phones
After Sending Satellite Phones
Mission Bug Boss Fight Issue Fixed
Player who could not complete the Battle In Bangkok Mission because they were unable to fight The Shadow King will find they can do so now. It wasn't that hard to do.  He has 10,000 Health and you can ask for help.
Zynga asks players to donate to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children Emergency Fund.
To learn how you can help the victims of this horrible and devastating natural disaster go here.

Here is a video to give you an idea of what happened. Words can't describe how devastating this is and what dangers lies ahead for the people of Japan.

PAC Update
The PAC is working on organizing it's communications with Zynga. We currently have a private section on the Zynga forum boards and issues and concerns are discussed there.  A top 10 issues report was submitted and we should have postable answers soon. Each week we will submit another report. Sorry I can't tell you more.  For more insight from players who attended, read Misty Dady's note here and Joel's note here.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
All material is protected by copyright law


  1. I truly think that after two years "living" with this game that I am just about done for good.....

    This game is no longer fun. It is just one special promo after another that has managed to turn what was a fun game into a "Giftapalooza". Post after post in the Forum pages attest to the fact that players do not enjoy spending hours accepting gifts each day. Zynga's answer? To stack gifting event on gifting event. I still have "Dubya" masks that I can't even get to in my gifting queue. 200 gift limit per day? Popup's all over the place - despite the PR people admitting there are too many? Too many glitches to even bother trying to find "work-arounds" for....

    Zynga is killing this game more and more each day.

    It has been fun. Thank you, Spock, Arun and Jen. You made the past year and a half a lot of fun. Too bad you couldn't get the Zyngon's to actually listen to their players instead of just playing "lip service" games.

  2. i say no to new energy refill T_T

  3. If you click +Recruit under one of the pictures in My Recruits, you´ll get a pop-up window with some of your friends. These friends are all under level 25 and unless they are newly added to you friends list and newbies, they are stopped playing. You can remove them from FB and MW as they just fill up you friendlist and do you no good

  4. Loot Lady, 6 Miny Packs are awesome, do the maths we have 6 X 25% = 150% not the old 125% only energy refill, plus the 25% of zynga toolbar your total is 175% per maximum a day. that isn´t as bad at it also thanks for all your time in here writing and sharing, put the trash where it belongs you know who i am talking about the idiot guy, block his ID and we need a good hacker here to give all of us his profile to attack him till he ask for forgiveness, i know you are woman and sensitive, but c´mon dont be upset just cause one idiot, seriously you are awesome, gorgeous, pretty, intelligent, have a nice voice on podcasts, you have plus plus plus, i wish you only the best and again ty for all your effort in here. at the end 150% to 175% energy isnt bad right? have a nice day Jennifer, we all love you. ;)

  5. @Anonymous
    hmm..that is true. 6x25 is better than 1x125.

    A Q, how do we obtain silver/gold/ruby Master/Apprentice?

  6. I can't request energy packs or send gifts, so I'm going through hell trying to get energy!

    This is so frustrating!


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