Mar 31, 2011

Mission Crew Links For Dummies


There is nothing more irritating than to learn you need to "Get Support From Your Mafia" for a Mission. It's a real pain in the butt to make happen.
In the past, we got credit if we accepted a Mission Crew request from our mafia and it was pretty easy. Now we have to send out requests and wait for and hope that our mafia members accept them.
Arvind did a really nice job telling you the proper way to extract and create your own link to post in your news feeds (1). I promised him I would try it but it looks a little over my head. I admit that I'm a computer dummy and I the following way works better for me. I encourage you to following Arvind's instructions because it will help you make all kinds of links. As of now, my link making abilities involve copy/paste and the Link-a-Nator. To create your Mission Crew request the computer dummy way, you will need two accounts and know how to copy and paste. First you need to wait until you can generate a request.  Once you do, follow the steps below.

1.  Click on "Get Help" from your Mission.
2.  Send your secondary account a request. If you don't have another account, send the request to a friend and ask them to do the steps 3 and 4 and send the link to you.
3.  Go to your other account and find the request and click on "Accept".
4.  Once the request opens up in Mafia Wars, copy the link that shows up in your browser bar. You can do this by left clicking and drag to highlight then right click and select copy or press the Control key and the C key at the same time. Since the link is so long, it helps to press the Control key plus the A key before you do it as it will highlight the entire link for you.
5. Go to a url shortening service. In the example below, I used Paste (control +V) the link into the bar and click on "Make Tiny URL!".
6.  Once the tiny url is generated, copy (control +C) it.
7. Log back into your main account and paste (control +V) the link into your status and click on share.
8. Wait for the designated number of mafia members to click on your link and move on with your Mission. You may have to repost your link a few more times or ask individual mafia members to go click on it for you. This is Begging Wars after all so I'm sure you won't be bothering anybody.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
All material is protected by copyright law


  1. You still get the count for accepting help someone else. Unfortunatly its not always, but still...

  2. Can You Tell Me Any Other Website Than

  3. Again, use FB Mafia Wars Addon, it generates links for you

  4. Exactly, Jabmorris, I was going to suggest the same thing. It's too freaking easy people!!! :)

  5. You Can Cut out step 4 5 and 6 if you use the tinyurl bookmarklet which is on under " make toolbar button " :)

  6. Is anyone else having trouble getting Brazil Crew Members. Every time I try to get one, it says they are already part of my crew, I have no crew, so they cant be !!

  7. I have to agree with jabmorris and anonymous. use the FB MW addon. just click ask for help, wait a few seconds and hit "get tiny url". as simple as that...

  8. i looked at the add on and there is not a "ask for help"?

  9. there isn't a "ask for help" button if thats what you meant. but after you click on "ask for help" in the game and the window with friends appears, if you wait for a few seconds a white button will appear where it writes "get tiny url". after you hit that button an another tab will open with the new short link. i hope i made sense


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