Mar 28, 2011

Brazil Missions A-Z


There are a total of 65 Brazil Missions (1). I was waiting to post this information so I could include all of the images. Since I can't do Boss Fights without having Customer Support complete them for me, I can't get to them all right away. I decided to use charts instead.

Bronze Level Missions

MissionsTasks Rewards
1: Ah, BrazilGet 1 Crew Member
Master Job: Scope Out The Financial District
Master Job: Set Up Your Operation in a Renovated Skyscraper
2 Radio Phones
2: Draw Their AttentionMaster Job: Steal Artwork From the Paco Imperial
Collect from your Headquarters
Rob 5 Headquarters in Brazil
Master Job: Destroy a Bondinho Tram
1 Big Bounty
3: Duck the PoliceMaster Job: Blackmail a Cathedral Representative
Master Job: Bribe a Corporate Executive
Declare War
Master Job: Run a Collection Plate Con
Master Job: Track Down Lieutenant Sandoval
4: Boss FightLieutenant Emilio SandovalSandoval Vest
Bronze Level
5: Worse Than We ThoughtMaster Job: Meet A Contact At Mosqueiro
Collect from Headquarters Twice
Get 2 Crew Members in Brazil
2 Button Camera's
6: Touch And GoGet 4 Supporters to Defend your Headquarters
Fight 24 Opponents in Brazil
Loot 4 Wooden Cases from Robbing
Master Job: Intimidate the Local Crime Ring
Jiu Jitsu Gi
7: Traitor Among UsGet 3 documents from your Mafia
Rob 5 Headquarter Properties
Master Job: Establish A Spy Ring of Belem Fishermen
Master Job: Gun Down Kidnappers
8: Boss Fight Pablo Alvares “The Dockmaster”Pablo’s Gutting Knife
Bronze Level

9: Enemy Of My EnemyMaster Job: Assassinate A Neo-Imperium Spokesman
Rob 6 Headquarters Properties
Get 3 Crew Members
2 Satchel Charges
10: The Jungle CampAsk for 3 Satchels from members of your Mafia
Win 18 Fights in Brazil
Master Job: Intercept A Rebel Convoy
Master Job: Pilfer From A Rebel Supply House
Amazon Shaman
11:  Vengeance Is YoursMaster Job: Create A Diversion In The Jungle
Collect from your Headquarter Property Twice
Master Job: Blow Up A Munitions Dump
Master Job: Open Fire On Rebel Fighters
Master Job: Rescue A Hostage
12:  Boss FightCapitão TintoTinto’s Jaguar
Bronze Level
13: Follow The SourceGet 7 Supporters from your Mafia
Loot 1 Wooden Crates from Fights
Master Job: Move To A Sao Paolo Safe House
Improv Night
14: Unexpected AlliesMaster Job: Contact A Comando do Candiru Agent
Win 20 Fights in Brazil
Master Job: Scout Out The City
Master Job: Pass Along A Bribe
2 Radio Phones
15: Hot PursuitGet 7 Supporters from your Mafia
Rob 15 Properties in Brazil
Master Job: Burn Down A Slum Building
Master Job: Demolish A Rooftop Helipad
Master Job: Escape A Police Pursuit
16: Boss FightMrs. Maria RosaRosa Luxury Helicopter
Bronze Level
17: Ripple In A PondDeclare War twice
Master Job: Smuggle Weapons Down The River To a Recife Port
Fight 50 Opponents in Brazil
2 Local Informants
18: Great MindsMaster Job: Negotiate a Sit-Down With The Comando do Candiru
Buy Items from the Black Market
Master Job: Detonate an Ethanol Shipment
Master Job: Create a Shark Scare
19: Chemical BurnGet Mafia Support Clicks
Get 2 Crew Members in Brazil
Collect from your Refinery twice
Master Job: Raid a Biochemist\'s Lab
Master Job: Give Chase to The Neo-Imperium
20: Boss FightLuscas SousaSousa Sport
Bronze Level

Silver Level Missions

MissionTasks Rewards
21:  Urban Jungle
Part 1
Do Job: Ask an Informant About Local Crime Activity 5 Times
Rob 25 Times Successfully in Brazil
Loot 8 Luggage Bags from Robbing
Local Informant
22:  Urban Jungle
Part 2
Get 10 Supporters from your Mafia
Fight 45 Opponents in Brazil
Arachnid Armor
23:  Boss FightLieutenant Emilio Sandoval Sanoval’s Vest
24:  Moving Cargo
Get 10 Supporters form your Mafia
Collect from your headquarters Twice
Do Job: Establish A Spy Ring of Belem 8 times
Bird Eater Spider
25:  Grease the Wheels

Successfully rob 26 properties in Brazil
Get 4 Crew Members in Brazil
Loot 12 Wooden Crates in Fights
Gas Can
26:  Boss FightPablo Alvares The DockmasterPablo’s Gutting Knife
Silver Level
27:  Pirates By Ship
Or Plane: Part 1
Get 12 Supporters from your Mafia
Collect from your Refinery Twice
Declare War
Button Camera
28:  Pirates By Ship
Or Plane: Part 2

Get 6 Manila Envelopes from your Mafia
Successfully Rob 12 Refineries
2 Blowguns
29:  Boss Fight
Capitão TintoTinto’s Jaguar
Silver Level
30:  Pirates By Ship
Or Plane: Part 3
Do Job: Demolish A Rooftop Helipad 10 times
Win 40 Fights in Brazil
Collect from Headquarter property twice
Radio Phone
31:  Pirates By Ship
Or Plane: Part 4
Do Job: Escape A Police Pursuit 14 times
Make/Buy Items from the Black Market twice
32:  Boss FightMrs. Maria Rosa
Rosa Luxury Helicopter
Silver Level
33:  A Long Vacation
Get Support from your Mafia (14)
Take out 5 of Doxie’s Guards.
Collect from your Barracks 2 times
1 Local Informant
34:  Hard Hitters
Do Job Take Over a Shipyard 15 times
Rob 25 times in Brazil
Activate 2 Crew Members in Brazil
35:  Boss FightLucas SousaSousa Sport
Silver Level
Gold Level Missions

MissionsTasks Rewards
36:  Meeting of Crimes

Win 40 Fights
Win 1 War
Local Informant
37:  Get them to Talk

Rob 22 times in Brazil
Loot 15 Wooden Crates from Robbing
Make 2 items in your Workshop
Open Bolt SMG
38:  Boss FightLieutenant Emilio Sandoval
Sandoval Vest
Gold Level
39:  Medic!
Get Support from your Mafia 4 times.
Collect from your headquarters 2 times.
Do Job Impersonate a Wealthy Entrepreneur 10 times.
Gas Can
40:  Got to Go
Win 40 Fights in Brazil
Declare a War 2 times.
No Loot or Currency
41:  Boss FightPablo Alvares “The Dockmaster”Pablo’s Gutting Knife
Gold Level
42:  Government Work
Fight 90 opponents in Brazil
Win 1 War
Activate 3 Crew Members in Brazil
Button Camera
43:  Smuggler’s Den
Ask for 8 Backpacks from Mafia
Do Job Pilfer From a Rebel Supply house 12 times
Take out 7 Local Cops
Buy 1 Horny Toad ATV

No Loot or Currency
44:  Boss Fight
Capitao Tinto
Tinto’s Jaguar
Gold Level
45: The Last Straw
Take out 3 Trouble Makers
Collect from your Headquarters 2 times.
Do job Push Over a Gun Runner 10 times
Radio Phone
46:  Building
Get Support from your Mafia 16 times.
Win 50 fights in Brazil.

47:  Boss FightMrs. Maria Rosa
Rosa Luxury Helicopter
Gold Level
48:  Two Birds,
One Stone: Part 1
Win 2 Wars.
Rob 4 Headquarters in Brazil.
Loot 8 Wooden Crates from Fights.
Arma Cunra
49:  Two Birds,
One Stone: Part 2:
Do Job Detonate an Ethanol Shipment 9 times
Win 30 fights in Brazil

Satchel Charge
50:  Boss FightLucas Sousa
Sousa Sport
Gold Level

Ruby Level Missions

51:  Peace Maker
Activate 4 Crew Members in Brazil
Win 40 fights in Brazil
52:  Pit Stop

Win 2 Wars
Collect form your Barracks 1 time.
Loot 10 Wooden Crates from Robbing.
Make 1 Gas Can.
2 Chompers
53:  Boss FightLieutenant Emilio Sandoval
Sandoval Vest Ruby Level
54: Under the Rug
Get Support from your Mafia 18 times.
Rob 28 Refineries in Brazil

55:  Expose a Crime
Win 45 fights in Brazil.
Collect from your Refinery 2 times.
Do Job Bribe a City Official 14 times
2 Jiu Jitsu Gis
56:  Boss FightPablo Alvares “The Dockmaster”Pablo’s Gutting Knife Ruby Level
57:  I Need Backup
Rob 20 times in Brazil
Make 5 Radio Phones
Ice 5 opponents in Brazil
No Loot or Currency
58:  Give Them The Slip
Do Job “Bribe A Police Commandant” 8 times
Win 2 Wars
Activate 4 Crew Members in Brazil
2 Amazon Dolphins
59:  Boss FightCapitao Tinto
Tinto’s Jaguar Ruby Level
60:  Crash and Burn

Ask for 11 Backpacks from Mafia.
Rob 16 times in Brazil.
Take out 4 Angry Mobs.
Collect from your Headquarters 2 times.
61:  Call to Arms
Ice 6 opponents in Brazil.
Win a War
2 Rat Tats
62:  Boss FightMrs. Maria Rosa
Rosa Luxury Helicopter Ruby Level
63:  Big Brother
Complete “Smuggle Weapons Down The River To a Recife Port” 12 times
Buy 2 Croc Skin Jackets.
Loot 5 Wooden Crates from Fights.
2 Black Caimans
64:  Guardian Angel
Get support from your Mafia 19 times.
Rob 12 Barracks in Brazil.
Win a War
Do Job “Give Chase to The Neo-Imperium” 15 times
65:  Boss FightLucas Sousa
Sousa Sport Ruby Level

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
All material is protected by copyright law


  1. Big thanks to Jennifer and her many helpers for putting this list together.karl

  2. Find the chart to be easier on the eyes and a nice compact form of the info, Jen!

  3. Brilliant thanks Jen - I am on number 58 - nice to see the goalpost at last :-)

  4. I got as far as # 5 two days ago and then my mission bar disappeared.I have a support ticket in but it seems like their response time has been very slow lately. I will not be a happy camper if I have to repeat jobs at at a higher level and energy cost:(

  5. The bosses still regenerate their health! hmmm

  6. Anonymous said...
    The bosses still regenerate their health! hmmm

    Stop running your scripts

  7. sandoval vest silver level?

  8. wow nice job! ty for the info...

  9. @Peggy MacIntyre
    same probs with me.. i dumped my complete cache and and mission bar was back again. seems to be a local pc probs..

  10. ‎[♠]very helpful thanks.^^.....scripts??credit card???uknown words for a true fighter....

  11. There are missions NOT on the list

  12. At anonymous, these are only the Brazil Missions. There are plenty of other ones not listed. The Mafia Wars Wiki Missions Page will have all the others.

  13. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for this helpful list!

    With reference to No. 57, how can I make radio phones when my workshop doesn't have radio phones?

  14. Emily..worskhop has radio phones at level 7 upgrade. short answer = upgrade your workshop to level 7 to complete the mission or use RP.

  15. Do we all follow this same order??
    For example, my Rio is in silver and my Sao Paolo is in gold. am I gonna get the silver mission for Sao Paolo??

  16. Every once in awhile I will get the Defeat Capitao Tinto mission and when I hit go now it says I have already defeated her. I know this is stopping me from completing my Brazil mission achievements. I sent a support ticket to Zynga with no response. Any suggestions???


  17. I'm stuck at the silver part of the mission where you fight Mrs. Maria Rosa who keeps regenerating health.

  18. i have a problem with Mission 1, Boss Fight. Take Down Lieutenant Sandoval

    when i click the button GO NOW, the notification for result is You have already defeated Lieutenant Emilio Sandoval. but my mission is stuck at there

    can i have a solution ???


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