Jan 12, 2011

Put Something Good On Your Wishlist


Hi everyone, This is Ade from MWM blog.
My blog has a problem now and Jennifer lets me to become a contributor writer here until I have my blog back. Thanks, Jen! OMG.. luv it!

Ok let's start my first post.
This is a friendly reminder for you to add something good on your Wishlist. Specially if you are a Collector on Mafia Wars game.
Since Zynga allowed us to send lots of items, the Collectors are very happy about this. You can see from Trading Groups that they are hunting for some old loots and trade it with the new loot items.

If you don't have time to go trading, you can simply put the items you want on your Wishlist and open your Mystery Bags.
And hope to get one item from our Wishlist!

Here are some examples :

This is Unreleased items only for Admins or Developer of Zynga. Now you can have it too!

I forget about this one, where did it come from, but as a Collector, I like it and still hunting for this item..

This come from Special Event a very long time ago, I have played for more than 2 years but still missed it. Now I have it!

Not sure about this one, perhaps one of Marketplace item. I still want to have it though!

And this one sent by one of our friend, Guga. Thank you for sharing..
It's a new item from Atlantic City.

See? You can get anything you want now, as long as the item is giftable and you can put it on the Wishlist..
To find the item, please use any Wishlist Adder you know or simply search for it using your New Inventory.
I hope this is not a bad post. Thanks for reading!

Article written by Ade,
Creator of the Mafia Wars Maniac Blog.
All material is protected by copyright law


  1. working my way through the lists as well. I have all the giftable animals and have just a handful of the "Supercharged" vehicles to go.

    Gotta watch mugger close and switch out items when you get them or you'll end up with too many of the same stuff.

  2. Best way to get items is Mystery Containers if you are done with all properties!! They give you mystery bags too because you can only open 15 or 20 regular mystery bags a day. It helps!!

  3. Wahooo!! the strange gif Girl is here! bringing her libary of strange gif files with her!!

    rock on Ade

  4. Yagami9999 - Have Completed this assignment, having ALL giftable items (^_^)

  5. Hi, Ade, thanks for sharing and hope your site will back to work soon :)

  6. wis sue to mbak...ya..ya (Smile man corps)

  7. hahahahaha.. welcome to ~Jen Blog sis ^^
    about this post, i own $10000 loot and other collection from MB.
    if you want to be a collector and hard to find old loot, this post will welp you.. jiayou..~golek.inc

  8. hi ade!
    nice opening post!
    great addition for an exquisit team! :-)

  9. Hi all,
    I wish I have something better to be posted here :p

    Thanks for the comments.
    Nice to see you ^__^

  10. Ade, what happen to your blog? Did someone hack your blog or accidentally deleted?

  11. sry for going off topic ....but can u please post a article about Job Mastery ?

    i mean some time it goes down to 2 and sometime it goes up tp 15 with out any reason ...already googled it but not help really ...

    so if u can atleast a small topic highlighting the min facts ...


  12. Where i can find the link old loot for wishlist?

  13. Ade Ade Ade Ade Ade Ade Ade Ade

    Where ever u are we r with u.....

  14. Hi Ade,
    in the late summer of 2008, ZYNGA released their initial CUBA CRATE (some called it the "Administrator Crate") which contained:
    - Lou's Midnight Special
    - Pain & Suffering
    - Guardia Presidencial
    - Lobo 4x4
    - Tiburon

    It didn't last too long, and very few people actually "bought" the items. Mafia Wars WIKI Page has erroneously listed these items as Administrator or Developer items, but I've confirmed with some very early MW players that these indeed were one of the very first Crate items for sale using "Godfather Points".

    Other items:
    - .22 Pistol +3 = was released in March 2009, and could be purchased with NY$ 10,000
    - Body Double = was released first week of July 2009, and could be purchased for 25 GP (later on sale for 22 GP)
    - Frogman = was released in late January 2010 and could be purchased with 25 RP.

    Hope this helps a little bit.


  15. oh, by the way...

    STUN BATON = was released on 27 March 2010, on the first day of ROBBING in New York. Then the loot disappeared. It has now returned as a giftable item in the inventory. But many people don't know that it dropped for a day in New York robbing.

    On 23 March 2010, the DEAD RINGER was given to people who signed up for Mafia Wars on their MOBILE PHONE.

    And remember the HYRO GLOVE first supposedly in a Gold Treasure Chest and then in Bangkok ? That was available for a very short while on 18 May 2010, before ZYNGA replaced it with the Nak Kah Shotgun.


  16. Wow, some nice comments there, thanks :)

    @eXception : Have an issue with my blog, still working on to get it back.. please wish me luck.
    @Linda : not sure about your question, which Job Mastery?
    @Indosharing : This is one I know
    @Imran : Glad to see you here, my friend :)
    @Carlos aka =CEMZ= : nice infos!
    You're very helpful, not just a bit :)

  17. wish u luck Ade, hope u can get ur blog back...

  18. u could've include wishlist item codes :)

  19. cepet sembuh ya dee (blogna) :)

  20. Thanks so very much Ade and so happy that some players have opened their hearts and sites to you. Not the same as your own home but you will be back shortly. Of that I have no doubt !


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