Jan 21, 2011

New Release Notes???


We have a new set of release notes but for some reason they aren't contained within the game like the last installation.  Just last week I posted about the time lapse for Release Notes and couldn't figure out why in a furry of updates, new features and events nobody bothered to update (1).
Finally, new Release Notes have arrived! Or have they? First they aren't in the game but on the Official Mafia Wars Blog. Second, they are very sparse and only contain information about things that happened over the past few days.  What about the new Home Page? the new Inventory Page? Missions? Challenge Mission 50,000 Feet?, Trader Goh? the too numerous to count Gifting Events?, I could keep going but I think you get the idea.  I've made over 300 posts since December 8th (I really need to get a life and go outside!).  I present to you.....(drum roll)....the new set of Release Notes.  We get four bits of information that EVERYBODY not living under a rock should already know. If Release Notes are now going to be on the Mafia Wars Blog than I nominate myself to post them!
1. Free Hired Guns-Readers can look 2 posts down.
2. Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 are coming soon!-Really! Who knew?
3. New Languages in Mafia Wars-Those not living under a rock may not have known about this, but readers can glance one post down and learn all about it. 
4. Feature Voting-Finally some clarification as to what the 3 items that we can vote for repetitively mean. Did I mention that we can vote for all three and most players do because they can? I joke when I say clarification. We still don't know exactly what we are voting.  Two sentences hardly clears things up. Especially when you consider the fact that there are 3 things we can vote for. And please, re-size that image!  I would do it for them but I'm only allowed to edit my own posts.

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