Jan 21, 2011

New Missions Update


Ade told you about some new Missions (1) that were just released to some players.  There is a thread on the Zynga Forum Boards titled New Level 100+ Missions which now has a moderator response.  Cerulean Master, Super Moderator, lets us know that new Missions are slowly rolling out and will be available to more players next week.
I still don't have them and my Missions bar is blank.
Mike Nestor has them and found he had two Missions open at the same time as he hasn't completed all the Missions.
Mike isn't the only player to have two open Missions at the same time. Don't Do It posted this image on my fan page.
The title Level 100+ Mission must mean that players who are not yet at Level 100 won't get them. Check the Mafia Wars Wiki Missions Page to see all of the City and Contract Missions currently available. I believe there are around 60 individual Missions if you don't group ones with multiple parts.

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