Jan 27, 2011

New Fight Club Energy Refill


Just as the developer Fenris promised (1), an energy refill costing Victory Coins and not Reward Points was added to the Fight Club.  This one isn't as good as our old one that was only 100 Victory Coins but is way better than having only one refill that costs 5 Reward Points available.
Our new Fighter's Energy Refill costs 400 Victory Coins and has a timer on it for 18 hours.  Thank you Zynga for adding something that is closer to what we were used to. The old system was better but we all know you can't resist a nerf.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. what we need is slightly cheaper E refill + stam refill. i say about 250-300 (both) where we either pick E refill or stam refill, so both enter timer once either one were bought. one at a time.

    if it is 400, a CDR at 12 hours would do.

  2. what we need is infinite energy & stamina...?
    how easy do ppl want this game to be??

    how about we all get 1000 RPs for logging in daily too?? LOL

    i quit for a few months last year, only to return (to help friends)to a game where everyone's stats are percentage-wise insane then they used to be, the new fight club items make all giftable items obsolete & now fight club items can e bought nonstop, no need to even wait a day!? lol
    so i'm quitting again after i send all my items to a friend!
    zynga had a great game concept & made it pointless, hoping the addicts wouldn't notice!

  3. @Anon (3rd)

    its ain't infinite. the point is zynga farked up fight accounts job/city mastery by removing energy refill. 18H timer is cool, but with 400VP, it'll only benefit fight accounts with at least 1.0-1.5K stamina. and mind you, afaik, max MW level is 25000. that would took >9000 years to level for fighters account

    2nd anon opinion would be great where players have to choose between energy refill or stamina refill each time.


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