Jan 17, 2011

2 Hidden Stash Loots?


Good morning, Asia!
The weather is still not good here. Dark clouds and soon we'll have rain again..

Anyway, today I login to my FaceBook and see that my mafia friends share the hidden stash rewards on my wall.

I quickly click to open the rewards.. and got surprised!
There are 2 of hidden stash rewards! Yippppeee!!! Wheeeeeeeeee..

I'm so happy, not because of the loot stats.. you know sometimes we're not lucky when we open the hidden stash.
Sometimes I open one and got nothing!

So now, have fun sharing the rewards with your beloved mafia! Hope you got more than 1 reward too! Trinity's mood

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Creator of the Mafia Wars Maniac Blog.
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1 comment:

  1. I've been posting these like crazy ever since i got a nyala in one. but it's really hard to notice these in a busy stream. are there any tools to automatically pick up stashes directed to you personally?


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