Dec 9, 2010

Italy Achievements


There are a total of 9 achievements for Italy.  They are all pretty straight forward and there aren't any really challenging ones like we saw in Las Vegas.  These do take some time and many players are finishing up.  The Rome, Sweet Home achievement happens in two phases.  First you need to unlock each property in your Village by mastering the corresponding property job on the Bronze Level.  Then you need to go to your Village and click on build.  Getting to Level I will not require any upgrade parts.
You need to get 100 perfect Robbing Board clears in Italy to get the Rome is Burning achievement.  If you are still working towards this achievement, take advantage of your Burners.
There are 3 achievements for upgrading your Villa, Winery and Fishery to Level X.  These are the ones that took me the longest to achieve.
Master Regions 1-5 on the Bronze Level to get the Viva Italia! achievement.
Do the same on the Ruby Level and you will get the Hail Caser! achievement.
Ice 1,000 opponents while fighting in Italy to get the Bread and Circuses achievement.
The Centurion achievement takes L$19,650,000 to get.  You have to buy 500 Fucile De Caccias which are weapons found in the inventory store in Italy.
One question that keeps coming up is about the number of achievements.  If you look at the last Italy achievement I received, it says that the achievement is "one of 6 left" but My Achievements say 119/121.
Six minus the one leaves me with 5 achievements left.  The two I'm still working on are What's After Trillion and Hot Slots.  Unless something changes in the game, I doubt I will ever get What's After Trillion.  I don't have the patience or the desire to do the Agostino Cleto Boss Fight non-stop for a whole year!
This leaves 3 Achievements unaccounted for.  Remember the failed New Top Mafia way back in April?  There were 3 Achievements for this.  Either Zynga hasn't gotten around to fixing the number that shows up on your achievement pop-up or the New Top Mafia will resurface someday.  I sure hope it's the former!
(Image from the Mafia Wars Wiki Achievement Page)

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