Nov 15, 2010

Treasure Chest Keys


While doing jobs, I discovered that I had quite a few Treasure Chest keys saved up.  They must have come from Mystery Bags or the Secret Drops.
I decided to use all of my keys and was happy with what I received.  Everything was good except the Royal Thai Marine and the 20 Reward Points made up for it.  Check your inventory to see if you have any unused keys and get some great loot.


  1. I am now collecting keys in hope that thay will change rewards because most of them are not good enough in my opinion. The only good thing are those 2 animals and the others won't improve your stats or will improve only by 5-10 points if you have pretty good attack and defense strenght...
    But once again nice post, easy to understand and with pictures, keep on the good work:)

  2. nice post, good work
    but the chest items are realy bad, not one is better than highend fight loot and thats why its useless for all people above 121.000 def & atk, like me. the only good thing what u can get is the 20 RP, for building in italy the +30 HP and fightclub energy refills

  3. Thank you Zeljac and curendaro. You are correct curendaro but there are many players (including me) who don't have their scores above 121K yet so a lot of these items will help.


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