Nov 9, 2010

More On Loot Drop Rates


Zynga added a feature to tell us what loot is rare, common and uncommon (1).  I figure this is as good of time as any to determine what is considered rare by doing some drop rate studies.
I recently completed a few fighting and job runs and broke down all the loot items received.  The good news is that Cuban and Moscow loot no longer drop while fighting.  The bad news is the loot that doesn't waste space in our inventory is rare and has horrible drop rates when fighting and doing jobs.  To calculate the drop rate of the items you are interested in divide the number of that item dropped by the number of fights won and multiply that by 100 to get a percentage.  For example, a Nyala which is a new fighting loot items dropped 4 times during a 4,951 stamina run in which 4,700 fights were won.  4/4,700 = 0.000851 which is a 0.085% drop rate for that item.
Nov 8th
Fighting High End Loot
Italy Loot
Las Vegas Loot
Bangkok Loot
Chop Shop, Weapons Depot and Armory
Here are the items that one can expect to get while doing job in Italy.
Here are the results of a 5,000 job run in Region 5 on the Ruby Level.  Use the same equation above to figure out the drop rate except use the total energy spent as the denominator.  For example, the Meadow Viper and the Corpo Armatura are the only two loot items that are in the Top 8 for maxing out your equipment scores.  During the run below 685,000 energy was spent (137 X 5,000 Jobs) and 32 of these items dropped (21 + 11). 32/685,000 = 0.0000467 which is 0.0047%.  These numbers sure don't motivate me to even have a hope of gaining 501 for my main account.  The drop rate for building parts isn't that great either (0.03%).  At least we can use the free gifts and help each other out with those.
Here are some of the Las Vegas items that drop while doing jobs.
Its been a while since I checked on the drop rates in Las Vegas.  Below is a 5,000 job run and once again the drop rate isn't very promising.  In District 8, 4 of the Top 8 Giftable items drop (Arcturion Assault Rifle, Cooling Vest, Ballista Missle Launcher and the Bighorn).  790,000 energy was used (158 X 5,000) and 105 of these items dropped giving a 0.013% drop rate.  I'll agree with Zynga that these items are rare.
I'm often asked why my main account isn't maxed on Lad Vegas loot.  I have this great big energy account but unfortunately its banned from gifting and fighting.  I haven't contacted Customer Support to get the ban lifted because it's an energy account and not in my name.  I get a lot of use from the account doing drop rate studies so I'm not overly concerned about it.  


  1. how can an account get banned from fighting and gifting?

  2. I don't know how is it today, but Brawler's been attacking dead targets like they were alive since sunday...
    It performs normal ice check on 4 or 5 players and then starts attacking regardless if the target alive or not.
    I noticed when it attacked someone already dimmed on the fightlist with a big '(Iced)' written.
    That really decreased the loot rate for automated fighting.

  3. Interesting read. Good writing skills you have. I'm myself a physician but play MW but as you said, I am no expert in computers or other techie stuff of the game. Is it true that there are some bookmarklets (heavens know what they are); which help you fight. If so, Please tell me whether these stats are derived from using one or not? I could not make it that what if I do jobs in various cities; what will be the drop rates of various items like lamang for example; which I endeavor to collect. Please reply.

    Dr. Afaq A. Qureshi.

  4. as ripper allready stated brawler are broken atm and cant decide properly who are iced and who are not and as result you get low drop rate

  5. my fighter account only fights 501 mafias, while my jobber account only fights <=450 mafias and i noticed that since this week-end the fighter had reasonnable drop rates while the jobber's had become from terrible to very poor. I wonder.

  6. i have a question, today i had almost 1000 fights from brawler and NOTHING from loots... 0.00%
    whats happened? :(

  7. Brawler isn't tracking loot correctly for some reason. You an still see the equipment numbers you've gained in the stats section.


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