Nov 20, 2010

More Ads for Reward Points


There are two new ads featured on the Mafia Wars home page. The first one is for Small Business Saturday which is sponsored by American Express.  It's  very simple and you get 2 free Reward Points just for clicking "Get Involved".
Mike Nestor verified that he got the Reward Points by taking before and after screen shots.
You can make a post to show your support but this is optional.
The next ad which appears immediately upon completion of the first is a little more complex and only offers 1 Reward Point.
We are expected to watch 3 different videos about the Windows Phone and vote on the one we like best.
Once you vote, you can see the current results and you have the option to "Like" the the Facebook page.
If you look a little closer, you will see that the window above also says "You've earned your Reward Points".
Mike verified this ad as well and he got one Reward Point just like the home page says. They really need to fix the screen above or make this a 2 Reward Point ad.  I think we should get 3 since we had to watch 3 videos!  I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. I know those of you who don't have these ads available would love to have them and I wish we all were treated equally no matter where we live.


  1. agree, never see them this side of the pond

  2. Hey I am from the US and its not posting on my Mafia War. So its not a bias thing people.


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