Nov 15, 2010

Mafia Wars on Yahoo


Mafia Wars is scheduled to be launched on Yahoo Pulse today.  You can't transfer your current Facebook game over to Yahoo but you could start over.  I don;t think I'm going to do this as I would hate having to do everything all over again but it would be nice to not have to deal with all the Facebook issues.  Bossy Don had a lot to say about this on TopMafia.Info. To read her post, click HERE.  Customer Support has posted Mafia Wars Yahoo! FAQ and this should answer any questions you may have.
(click image to enlarge)


  1. jen i recon i am stupid. I opem an acc but have no clue how to start MW

  2. If you go to your yahooo mail, you will see your picture with a status. You should see this before you click on the inbox to see your actual messages. When you click your picture, it brings up your pulse page. On this screen, you can see your dashboard on the left side. Simply click on the apps box, and you should see Mafia Wars there. Once you select it, you can get back to it by again going to your pulse yahoo page, click apps and it will show your apps. Hope this helps people to find out how to start mafia wars on yahoo.


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