Nov 25, 2010

Lucky Stash Mistake


Next time you play on your Lucky Stash slot machine, take a moment to view the pay table.
Now look at the headers for the credit pay out lines.  Last time I checked, 3nd was not the proper way to abbreviate third.  
Thanks to Jannick O. Nielsen for posting the image below on The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Fan Page.


  1. it should be "1nd" 2nd "3nd" 4th xD


  2. Jen'~ Hun' as much as i luv that u mentioned this mispella' U got ma name wrong :(

    iT'S NIELSEN gd'dammit hehe :P

  3. loot lady some of ur posts are realy useless... who cares about a spelling error....

  4. @Don Janox, Oh the irony! haha, maybe I was paying you back for stalling my mission.
    @Anonymous, don't piss me off with a stupid comment like that, read this article to understand more.
    If idiots like you feel compelled to say what's useless or not, I suggest you write your own blog or simply don't read mine. I just might start requiring sign ins for comments and then you'll have to own up to your statements that you don't have the balls to sign!

  5. haha, 2nd Anonymous there is an idiot,


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