Nov 18, 2010

Holiday Traffic Mission


The Holiday Traffic Missions are here.  You will see them where the Rumble In Russia box used to be.  The message about the missions changes every few seconds and we learn there are only 2 limited time rare items, our friends may have different missions than we do, different missions have different loot and we can do the missions as many times as we want for the next 5 days.
Click "Get Started" and your mission pop-up will appear.  Generate your news feed post by clicking on "Start Mission".
Click on "Help So and So" and select the position you want. Below are the job requirements and mastery percentages for the different jobs of the mission that is out now.  According to the flashing home page message, there are different mission.  I've only seen one so far and it doesn't say if it's Hard, Medium or Easy.
When your mission is complete, collect your rewards just like the regular missions.
Here are all the loot items available for the mission outlined above.
Here are some of the rewards I received.  They aren't as good as the Halloween Mission loot items but I did get the rare ones a few times.
Remember to click the "Celebrate" button.  Your mafia members will be able to collect one of the Holiday Traffic loot items.  Look for the posts in your news feeds and try to get as many as you can.
There are only 3 loot items up for grabs but there doesn't appear to be a limit on how many you can accept.  Mike Nestor was able to get 32 so far! Here are some of the items he received.
I've initiated well over 15 missions so far and there doesn't seem to be timer like we saw with the Halloween Missions.
Every time I collect the rewards of a mission, I'm able to go to the home page and start another one.
My friend and mafia member, ADon Steve put together a note to help everyone manage their missions.  To read his complete guide on how not to be a Mission Dumbass, click HERE.

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