Nov 29, 2010

Game Errors and Customer Service


It's been 10 days since I wrote about the annoying 2X Mastery Boost error that we all get when trying to accept 2X Mastery Boosts (1).
Since this has been broken for so long, I'm not sure why we still get the annoying option to send them to our mafia while doing jobs.  It's bad enough we have to deal with Secret Stash, Mystery bags and all the other pop-ups that disrupt the flow when doing jobs.  This is one that should be eliminated until they can fix the problem.
If you are really irritated that you can't accept your 2X Mastery Boosts, here is a work around discovered by one of my mafia members.  Lamar has some free time on his hands so he contacted Customer Support to launch a complaint.  It's a little known secret that if you have good complaining skills and your Customer Support agent is in a giving mood that you can get compensated with all kinds of stuff.  Lamar was able to talk his Customer Support agent into giving him 70 2X Mastery Boosts!
If you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when Customer Support is doing something to your account, he is an image Lamar was able to capture during the time that the 2X Mastery Boosts were being credited to his account.
Remember the Portable Road Block that had everybody wondering what in the heck it was?(1)  Turns out these were added by a Customer Support agent to my mafia members account.
Kassem was annoyed because some jackass in his mafia had sent him 5,000 Road Blocks and he decided to complaint about it.  He was given 50 Portable Road Blocks for his troubles.
I'm all in favor for being compensated when there is a problem.  Because the 2X Mastery Boost is an error common to all players, I think every account should be compensated and we shouldn't have to ask for it.  Those who take the extra time to complain when they have an issue should be creative as you never know what you could get.  There are many players out there who get energy refills, stamina refills and Reward Points because they report their issues.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. A 75 defense is nice. Where can the rest of us get Portable Road Blocks?
    I wonder if they are future Italian loot?

    (Experimenting as always. I don't know how this reply will post.)

  2. one time i sent a message to zynga because the episodes from bangkok were rolled back.. so they gave me 75 reward points.. if you have time, just send them the complain and check your email because they will reply.

  3. the damn 2x boosts don't mean anything when the only names on my list are people who DON'T PLAY mafia wars......and my other "BEEF" SINCE FOREVER is why we can't attack someone who just killed us by attcking 20 times because they are too weak to fight- that's BS- we should be able to retaliate in kind- I hate that most of all about the game- Thanks for letting me "vent" - sorry bout that- thatnks for your good work! Don Blues


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