Nov 17, 2010

Free Gifts That Aren't Free


There is a new gift on our Free Gift page.  At first glance this seems super cool.  Who wouldn't want to send Game Cards to their mafia members?
When you select the Game Card and then click on the "Proceed to Send" button, you are directed to the Zynga Game Card Page.
This will be about the same time you realize that the "Free" Gift you attempted to send to your mafia is not actually free.
The feature to send game cards as virtual gifts was implemented on September 30th.  I'm sure most of you remember the banner and ad for it in our game.  For instructions on sending Gift Cards, read my article titled Zynga Virtual Game Cards.  Having the Game Card on the Free Gift page makes the process easiser but Zynga should really clarify that the gift is not free.
Mike Nestor has tried to send a Game Card 5 days ago and was unsuccessful. He tried again today by going through the Free Gift  page and got the error message below.  He contacted Customer Support and was told it was an error on their end and to try again in 24 hours.  Ironically, they told him the same thing 5 days ago!  Come on Zynga, you get a guy willing to buy one of your Game Cards and this is what he gets?
Thanks to Mike for the screen shots!


  1. its funny, i saw one of my mafia posting his free gift with the game card link. Of course i clicked but i was already to the zone that nearly everyone has got now, " Something has gone wrong. This error has been logged and we're looking into it. " Just a few min later, i check on my free gift, the card was there. I thought, great I will do my link in a bits. NOT a chance, they are all gone from the free gift :.(

  2. it just occut today. My mafia War Page doest't have MARKETPLACE tab.It happen my both acct.What they up to..I wonder...

  3. I lost my marketplace also on my laptop using FF, but its there in chrome and on my PC in FF.


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