Nov 1, 2010

Boss Fight Issues


Recently there was a bug involving the Boss fights in Italy.  All the Bosses had ridiculously high health levels and were impossible to beat (1).  The issue has been resolved but we are left with Bosses who have much higher health statistics than they did prior to the "fix".  Most are still finding them impossible to beat because the Henchmen regenerate to 100% health when players get crushed or leave the fight to heal.  After the fix was in place, a Zynga Official stated that "some of the henchman might still have goofy stats temporarily"(1).  Right now the Henchmen are very difficult to beat so if this statement is true, expect it to get easier.  Opening another window to heal in a different destination is not working at this time as well.  According to the Zynga Customer Support page ITAL - 411, Factoids, and FAQ the Italian Boss fights are supposed to be challenging and are compared to the Beat the Feds Boss fights.  Those who blew through Italy before all the changes found the Boss Fights to be laughable.  When I fought them on my energy account, there weren't any challenges and I could kill some of them just by using a Grenade.
The page referenced above also states that the Bosses won't heal until the timer expires.  Many are finding this not to be true.  There is also a problem with requesting help.  Some players discovered that when a mafia member attacks their boss, the health is regenerated to 100%.  There are several discussion threads on the Zynga Forum Boards, Post Italy Related Bugs HereBoss fights at ruby level, impossible without "cheating"?Italy Boss health....WTF????, but there haven't been any moderator replies for 2 days.  Al Catraz, Super Moderator, stated on October 30th that a "fix was pushed recently for the Bosses" and if the issue with the henchmen persists to let him know.  If everybody lets him know, he will be overwhelmed!  This issue is definitely persisting away.

Some players have beat the Bosses but they have spent a lot of time attacking, getting crushed, travelling to a different destination, healing, traveling back to Italy, and repeating the process many times.  A lot of stamina, clicks, time, and patience is needed.  It's estimated that it takes about 30-45 minutes to defeat a Boss.  I'm going to wait until more is known on what the permanent status of Boss Fights is going to be and the help option starts working the way it's suppose to.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson,
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  1. Always good info, Loot Lady. One strong player (level 1000 with 2x A/D, 110 weapons), plus three medium helpers (level 500 with 3x A/D, ~100 weapons) can do it in about 10 minutes if the helpers use everything from the kits. I'm sure this could be altered with, say, six medium people total. Of course one boss leaves all helpers with nothing from the kits. Helpers can't heal and come back.

  2. I finished regions 1,2 and 3 at ruby while bosses were easy,
    As usual, i got zynged at the other 2, the henchmen didnt refill health BUT no one could help me in the boss fight:
    "We are sorry but this action is not valid."
    Finishing region 4 at ruby took me 45 minutes and 600 stamina points alone, and region 5 about 80 minutes and 1k stamina
    Nico Olivera @ fb ~

  3. Awww crap!
    I was literally just about to do the first Italy boss with my helper acct., since the drop rate...dropped. Wish i had blown through it when the bosses were easy, like i did my primary. I only needed help on the final ruby boss. Guess ill wait now, maybe items will start dropping

    Ty for the great info, Loot Hottie.

  4. The Ruby District 5 of Italy is insane. 30 - 40 if you are lucky. I spent a good two hours and barely made a dent in his stats. I do not mind challenging but this is insane. Good Article.

  5. I've given up on the Boss Fights in Italy until I see something here that they are fixed. Don't have the time, energy or stamina to mess with it.

  6. I am afraid there is nothing to fix, when it is not a bug... District 5 Ruby boss took me about 3 hours... it is now VERY challenging (and becomes boring and clicking finger hurts :-))

  7. 30k health district 1 boss on ruby, who takes a hit of 600 for every health refill. Grrr.... whats the use of 4k A+D with 600Hp, if I have to make so many trips to NY. I will rather stay away from ruby bosses till then.

  8. I have had to quit the boss fights in Italy. So this leaves me stuck in Italy. While some challenge is expected, the methods sucks.

  9. I am most discouraged. Ruby level Boss: Gemelli Volovino is impossible to beat. I am a higher level player. Anything I do the boss regenerates.Has anyone defeated him and how? Thanks!

  10. LOVE Zynga Help desk guy Jose -- GREAT advise that works!

    On a difficult boss fight additional help is sometimes needed to bring the health of a boss down as much as possible. When a mafia member helps out on a boss fight, there is some important information to know that will help you take down bosses.

    Anytime help is requested with a Boss Fight, the boss fight window must remain open and the helping friend must attack the boss while the boss fight is open and active. Closing the boss fight window or running away will immediately result in a 25% increase to the boss’s health upon return. This 25% percentage increase often is misunderstood by player’s who believe the boss is simply regaining full health.

    To avoid having a boss’s health regenerate during a boss fight here are some helpful tips:

    Ask for help as soon as you enter the boss fight. Doing this will ensure your helping friend does some damage and allows you to finish off the boss.

    An alternate strategy when fighting a boss is to intentionally die to the boss. The boss will not regenerate when he kills you. You can then heal at any city's hospital and return to the boss fight and his health will be where you left it last.

    Stacking up on consumables to use during the boss fight is also highly suggested. Using consumables will take a significant amount of health away from the boss during a fight.

    I hope you find this useful. Thanks again for your report Anita and helping us to improve the game.

  11. "An alternate strategy when fighting a boss is to intentionally die to the boss. The boss will not regenerate when he kills you. You can then heal at any city's hospital and return to the boss fight and his health will be where you left it last."

    This is totally not true at all. The boss healed even he killed you.

  12. for me ever time i heal the bosses heal too.. hauhau impossible... unless your life is near 15k huahuah


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