Nov 5, 2010

2 Free Reward Points


When you log into your Mafia Wars account, you will find an in-game message on how you can get 2 free Reward Points for watching a video about toothpaste.  I tried it out and got the Reward Points but I was left wondering what in the hell was that!?
I was bored out of my mind and the questions I had to answer each took about 10 seconds to load.
Once you answer and submit the last question, you will see in the upper right hand corner that your Reward Points were earned.  I agreed with that statement, I did earn them!  That was very annoying.
I took screen shots of my Reward Point balance before and I in fact did receive the 2 Reward Points.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that this is exclusive to the US. I live in Canada and don't have this offer available.

Anonymous said...

Me too.... not see in my mw

Anonymous said...

Tom's is a organic line of beauty supplies. It's ok.

Jane said...

crap another US only promo
-Bossy Don

smash said...

crap, i'm from the US and i don't even have it

Anonymous said...

can u try to post the offer link maybe?



Anonymous said...

If there is a direct link that can help people outside US too to get 2 RP's, that would be grateful..

Anonymous said...

the link on the "toms2.jpg" without ur id..... that would help



MW LootLady said...

I haven't seen this on any of my other accounts. After I completed it, it hasn't been back so I can't get the link. I'll work on trying to find one.

Anonymous said...

Here's the URL from "toms2.jpg".

Sony pull said...

not working

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