Oct 19, 2010

Chucker-MultiGift bETA


Everybody is talking about loot.  When Las Vegas High End Loot became giftable on October 15th, the trading and gifting communities had cause for celebration and haven't looked back.  The Multi-Gifter which is still in the Beta testing phase was rolled out to more accounts and the timing couldn't be better.  The number one question asked by Mafia Wars players was "When is Arun going to update the Chucker?  I even got a few inbox messages asking if I could please update the Chucker! It's nice to know that some would think I was smart enough to know how to do this, but I only write about the Chucker.  Not only did Arun update the Chucker to include all the newly giftable loot, he created a Beta Chucker that is compatible with the Beta Multi-Gifter.
Updated Chucker
Beta Chucker
Both versions of the Chucker can be found on the Outpost Mafia Tools Website.
I have the Multi-Gifter on my energy account so I tested it out.  Since I haven't used it a while, I had to scan the inventory and find and items I had a lot of.  I had 6,444 Car Parts and sent them all to my main account via the Chucker-MultiGift bETA.  I clicked start at 11:39 and all items were successfully sent by 11:50.  That's only 11 minutes to gift 6,444 items.!
When I went back to my main account, all the Car Parts were there.

I told you about the recently imposed gifting limit of 10,000 items per day (1).  I wanted to push the limit to  see what would happen.
I started the run below at 11:56 and 3,555 items were sent by 12:02.  It took all of 6 minutes here and 11 minutes on the previous run to send 9,999 items.
I then went to the Multi-Gifter to send a round of gifts manually.  Again, all items were send over and in my inventory.  I was puzzled because now I had sent 10,049 gifts for the day.
I wasn't going to go through all the annoyances of manually gifting, so I jumped back on the Chucker and programed in 3,809 items.  All of them were sent successfully so I wonder what the status of the gifting limit is. Everything else is in Beta so maybe that "feature" is too.
For updates on the status of the Multi-Gifter, please visit the Mafia Wars Beta Gifting Testing Page.


  1. I love the Arun's Chucker. It's the way Zynga should have built gifting in the first place, IMO. It would have saved a lot of grief over the past years.

  2. Chucker (beTA!) can also be found on the UTR Tools of the Trade page: http://www.mwutr.com/tools.htm

  3. Great article, glad Arun was able to build on the internal MW New Multi-Gift.

  4. OK I don't get it.. my husband has a newer version of chucker on his laptop that I can not find to add to my PC.. he says all he knows is its not Arun's and I am really tired of waiting for Arun to update his chucker.. and don't tell me it is cuz I can't find any of the new loots that are available for gifting such as Talon, Flying Fortress, Climber Leggings etc

  5. Checked the Outpost and other sites for the new chucker (beta) and can't find anything. What happened to it? Was there a bug or some other problem? Checked every chucker I could find for the new fighting loots that are now giftable and nothing. I am Very disappointed now I have to send 50 at a time with Zynga's sucky gifting page.


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