Sep 13, 2010

Hot Slots Achieved


John Mac "TheKnife" is a real go getter in Mafia Wars and is the first person I know of to get the Hot Slots Achievement Badge.
Everybody (except those that he ices) loves John Mac "TheKnife".  He came up with a clever way to encourage people to play on his Vegas slot machines.  He offered a prize of loot items to the 1,000th player.  I tried and was number 996.

"I had over 100 players the first day it opened so I thought I would just reward the person who spun it the 1000th time with 50 items.... then I decided to make it 100 items.  I was so happy when it was done, I decided to give 200 items to the person who spun it the 1000th time."/John Mac "TheKnife"

I checked on my own slot machine and I still have a ways to go.  To get this achievement you have to be vocal about it.  I try to make a post everyday asking my mafia to play on my machine but this alone isn't making it go any faster.  I have 809 more to go.  I use the Loose Slots Bookmarklet everyday to help my mafia members but I can only help 20 players a day.  I like to see players think outside of the box and John did a great job with getting this achievement in record time. 


Anonymous said...

since day 2 of slots achievement being live ive offered every person that plays my slots loot or if i can wishlist items.
i also play there slots too

SuzyOba said...

I got it on Sept 16. I kept reminding my mafia to help me get the achievement. I have a large mafia, and I do give free stuff away once in a while (e.g. casino parts) and helped friends fight bosses, so many people were happy to help.

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