Aug 18, 2010

Statistics: "Facebook Reporting Bug"


In two of my articles I analyzed Mafia Wars Application Statistics (Boycott Statistics, Mafia Wars Statistics: The Past 30 Days).  In both of these articles I stated that the numbers and the dates were not correlating.  I reported them anyways because the trends in the graphs said a lot about what was going on in the game.  The spikes and the drops just didn't match up with the dates X-Axis on the graph.  I decided to just ignore the dates and focus on the Y-Axis of the charts I used from  Here are the two graphs I analyzed in the articles above.
Even though I said something wasn't right, I still was criticized for not knowing how to read a graph.  I might not be the smartest when it comes to computers but reading graphs and analyzing statistics is something I know a thing or two about.  I've taken many courses relating to statistics and have been a part of many medical research studies.  While reading the Top Mafia.Info Fan Page, a fan comment lead me to another Facebook Application site called AppData.  I was glad to see the following message as it confirmed my suspicion that there was something wrong with the numbers. "This app has been flagged by AppData as having potentially inaccurate numbers since 07/27/2010 due to a Facebook reporting bug".
Here is a review of the past 30 Days.  The numbers in gray are those where the accuracy is questioned. 

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  1. Again... way to stay on top of things! :)


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