Aug 27, 2010

The Official Mafia Wars Blog


Today the Mafia Wars Fan Page made a post suggesting we go check out the latest edition of the Mafia Wars blog to get the "latest scoop". 
I've seen this blog before and thought maybe this was a sign that they changed it up and started posting useful information.  I followed the LINK and was disappointed to see another article about a Mafia Wars player who works for Zynga.  This one is about Curtis, a guy who likes money and spends all of his time using Reward Points to advance in the game.  I think most Mafia Wars players get that if you buy a lot of Reward Points, you will have a better character.  We certainly don't need a blog to inform us of this concept.
(click image to enlarge).
I wonder why Zynga doesn't have a better Fan Site and Blog to help the players understand the game.  I honestly believe they don't want us formulating any type of strategy.  They want the mindless players who love to click their mouse and buy Reward Points.  I've also noticed that whenever a good strategy becomes widespread, Zynga just nerfs something so the strategic players no longer benefit.  If they cared more, their fan page would be more like Top Mafia.Info.  On The Mafia Wars Fan Page, the post below is typical and encourages us to buy an equipment item from The Marketplace.  Why would anybody do this?  As soon as you acquire a decent loot item, they add an even better one to the game making the one you just got useless.
And what's with the guy on main blog page?  He looks like the late Dennis Hopper.  At least it's not Snoop Dogg!


  1. I do agree with you, your blog is so, so, so much better than the so-called "official" MW blog. I get a lot of information from reading your blog and share it with other players, they too, benefit from your hard work. Thanks again for all that you've done for all hardcore MW players like us, cheers!

  2. u think mafia wars. u think guns, revolver of death, NY, humble beginnings, strange "penpals" {D&C} lol... u think snoop twit, guns, drug running, cloths... quite similar, zynga saw this and jumped on it, thinking they'd reel in the urban market, whilst making is """""cool""""""... thing is, they forgot to add the equation, "not appropriate"... snoop dogg is a fool...

    their blog is more copy paste idiocy too, trying to be ogiginal with pens and an office with people who annoy you isn't the best way to be original... in an arty way.. ;D unlike "miss grassloots" ;D


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